Usyk’s Co-Trainer Says Overcoming Tyson Fury’s “Dirty Style” May Be Toughest Job In Projected Unification Clash

By James Slater - 01/07/2022 - Comments

Is Tyson Fury a “dirty fighter?” Fury has some rough stuff in his arsenal, that’s for sure (there is a brilliant short video from The Modern Martial Artist up on YouTube that explains Fury’s “Dirty Boxing”).

And now, Oleksandr Usyk’s co-trainer, Sergey Lupin, has said that the toughest obstacle to victory Usyk may face if or when (we hope when) he faces Fury in a heavyweight unification showdown will be, “coping with Fury’s dirty style.”

Lupin, who spoke with MyBettingSites, said the projected fight would be “a very cool event.” Of course, we all want to see it. First, Usyk must repeat his win over Anthony Joshua, while Fury is looking at a fight at the end of March (we still await full confirmation of his opponent). But this summer, assuming both reigning heavyweight champions have not suffered a loss, let’s hope we see the big one.

“Oleksandr is ready for any challenges, especially if he may have the opportunity to combine all the belts in heavyweight,” Lupin said. “His advantage over other heavyweight boxers is the ability to box, and it’s worth a lot.

Boxing is an art, and representatives of different styles arrange cool fights. Fury’s style can be very dirty. If Alex copes with Fury’s dirty style, then victory will be his! If this fight between my fighter Usyk and Tyson Fury took place, it would really be a confrontation between two guys with high boxing IQ.

It seems to me the fight would be more like a chess game, and victory will be in the hands of the one who will perform his task as productively as possible.”

Usyk's Co-Trainer Says Overcoming Tyson Fury's “Dirty Style” May Be Toughest Job In Projected Unification Clash

Fury Vs. Usyk is arguably the most intriguing world heavyweight title fight possibility since the days of Lennox Lewis – the last man credited with being undisputed heavyweight king. It’s quite funny, but it wasn’t long ago at all when most fans were dismissing Usyk’s chances against the big heavyweights, with most people saying he was “too small.” No longer are people saying that.

Fury-Usyk is pretty much a 50-50 fight. Can Usyk outsmart Fury? Can Fury outsmart Usyk? Will this one indeed come down to brains more than brawn? There are plenty of us who cannot wait to find out.

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