Tyson Fury Says He WILL Fight Again; Eyes Trilogy With Chisora, Adds New Trainer To Team

Tyson Fury is at it again. Not long after imploring Derek Chisora to “sign the contract” for a third fight, to take place before the end of the year, Fury has now confirmed that not only will he fight again, he will do so with another new trainer.

Fury, who has been “retired” for less than four months, posted another video to social media, in which he mistakenly declared how, with a third fight with Chisora, he can be “the first heavyweight champion in history to have two trilogies,” and to name his new trainer.

“I’ve decided to come back to boxing because I can be the first heavyweight champion in history to have two trilogies, one with Deontay Wilder and a second one with Derek Chisora,” Fury said. “I always said I’d fight Derek Chisora at the end of my career and here we are breaking all records again, setting precedents and why I’ve chosen Isaac Lowe as my trainer is because when I was with Peter [Fury] Isaac was there, when I was with ben [Davison] Isaac’s always been there, and when I was with Sugar Hill, Isaac’s always been there as well. He always gives me information; he knows me better than anyone on the planet and we’re a great team.”

It’s not clear if Fury plans to have just one more fight before retiring again, nor is it clear if he has split with Sugar Hill Steward for good. And has Chisora actually agreed to the third fight (reportedly turning it down after getting an offer that was too low financially)?

As for Fury “breaking all records again” and of him “being the first heavyweight champion to have two trilogies,” Fury clearly doesn’t know his full boxing history – as fans know, Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier boxed a trilogy, while Ali and Ken Norton did likewise, also, Evander Holyfield fought Riddick Bowe three times, and “The Real Deal” also fought John Ruiz three times (have I missed any other heavyweight trilogies?)

But the question of whether or not fans, any fans, want to see a third Fury-Chisora fight remains. Does anyone want to see what will surely be another clear win for Fury? Or do you agree with the writer in fully believing a Fury-Chisora III would not in any way be a hit?