Tyson Fury finally breaks silence since postponing Deontay Wilder fight

07/14/2021 - By Michael Collins - Comments

Tyson Fury finally came out earlier today to say his first words in public since the postponement of his July 24th fight against Deontay Wilder due to COVID-19. For a sick person, Fury looked in excellent health. He didn’t show any outwork signs of someone with an illness.

Interestingly, Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) chose not to give an update on his health and his recovery progress from his illness. There are so many boxing fans that wanted to hear from Fury’s own mouth how he got sick when he was supposedly vaccinated.

Right now, there’s a lot of people who feel that Fury is ducking Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) because he’s not ready to face the dangerous puncher. Moreover, the fans believe Fury is stalling for time, hoping to either run out the clock or use the extra time to get in better shape.

Fury not speaking about his illness

Instead of explaining why he didn’t get his second vaccination shot, Fury chose to thank ESPYs and ESPN for making him Boxer of the Year for 2021.

It’s unclear why Fury was given the award since he hasn’t fought since early 2020 when he defeated Widler by a seventh-round knockout. Fury only fought once in 2020, which makes it difficult to view him as deserving for the ESPY’s aware of the fighter of the year.

There are a lot of boxing fans that are irate at Fury getting COVID-19 and pulling out. Many of the fans had already purchased flight tickets and reserved their hotels in Las Vegas for July 24th.

Fury’s illness won’t help

“This can’t help Fury. It’s probably giving more fuel to the Wilder camp,” said promoter Lou DiBella to Secondsout. “I’m hoping everyone recoveries quickly and the fight takes place when it’s supposed to, which I’m hearing in October.

Tyson Fury finally breaks silence since postponing Deontay Wilder fight

“Stuff happens, and cancellations because of this virus are continually being a regular thing.

“A lot of money went into promoting this event, and this happened pretty late in the game. In this new world of the virus, it’s not such a big delay,” DiBella said about Fury vs. Wilder 3 being delayed three months until October 9th.

“You don’t want to compete with Pacquiao, and you don’t even want to go within a week of Pacquiao and Spence. You want to separate it out a little bit.

“You don’t want to counter-program it, and you also want to look for the right date where you don’t have massive competition because the fighters are relying on pay-per-view to get paid.

“He’s [Fury] a big strong guy, and he did have one vaccine, which you would think would give a degree of protection from getting really sick.

“I haven’t heard anything about him being very ill. He should be happy that it’s a couple of months from now because there’s every reason to think you’re going to get the best of both [fighters]. That’s what you want,” said DiBella.

Fury’s postponement can only help him if he wanted more time to bulk up like last time he fought Wilder. In the kickoff press conference on June 15th, Fury looked like he was in the mid-250s, nowhere near the 273 lbs that he waited for the second fight.

So if Fury was hoping to use his size again, he wasn’t going to be able to do that by weighing 255. But with the extra time Fury has now, he could in theory bulk up to the 270s again by power-lifting and eating a lot.

The postponement costs money

“It’s certainly given them more of an edge, they’re pissed off,” said DiBella about Team Wilder. “I think he [Deontay] was approaching a readiness to fight, he’s not ill, and he’s not facing this distraction around his camp. I don’t think it’s going to be a determining factor, but you might think that it helps Wilder a bit.

“When someone does this and doesn’t get vaccinated and a fight gets postponed, it affects an awful a lot of people and an awful lot of corporate entities.

Tyson Fury finally breaks silence since postponing Deontay Wilder fight

“It also costs money that’s not coming back. All that promotional money, you can’t insure against COVID right now. All that promotional money that was spent leading up to that fight and the time that FOX gave towards promoting it, and ESPN, I guess, to a degree, that’s lost. So there are repercussions.

“I feel more badly towards the undercard fighters, who are relying on that big date. In this COVID environment with vaccines, you can suggest that people do the right thing.

“Go get the vaccine, particularly if you’re looking at a gazillion-dollar payday as a fighter with a limited shelf life, and all fighters have a limited shelf life. But you can’t point fingers in this environment and get angry at people for this virus,” DiBella said.

The money that the networks and promoters put into marketing the July 24th Fury vs. Wilder III fight is gone down the tubes.  It could have been prevented if Fury’s promoters had made sure that he had received both vaccine shots instead of just one.

Wilder has more time to prepare

“I don’t think it makes much of a difference,” DiBella said when asked if the delay favors Wilder or Fury. “Tyson never looks like an Adonis, honestly.

“But that doesn’t mean he’s not in shape. The guy works pretty hard, he’s got a good workout ethic. He can have those love handles, baby fat, or whatever you want to call it, but he’s still in shape.

“Obviously, Deontay was working his rear-end off, but obviously, he’s got people around him that know enough about conditioning to let him take it down a notch before he elevates it again.

“They’re professionals and they’ve been doing this for a while, so I don’t think this is going to give anybody a huge advantage.

“It may give them [Team Wilder] more time to work on specific things that they’ve been trying to improve.

“It’ll obviously give them more time to work on them. I don’t think Fury needs additional time to learn how to box because he knows how to box,” said DiBella.

Fury may regret getting COVID-19 and postponing the fight because he’s giving Deontay more time to prepare with his new coach Malik Scott.

For Wilder, he needs as much time as possible to iron out the kinks in his game from the last time he fought Fury. He’s got to make sure he’s not a stationary target for Fury to utilize his size against him.

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  1. Wilder won the first fight IMO, while Fury obviously won the rematch. The trilogy will settle things. The first draw was bs, Fury got dropped twice with a slow count. Props on him for getting up and getting the draw, but that wasn’t convincing. He dominated in the second fight, giving Wilder his only loss. The trilogy should happen.

  2. After the beat down that Fury gave Wilder last time…Wilder doesn’t deserve a 3rd fight…

  3. This, is a shame! Did anyone, see the dirty blows that Fury does in those fights? And, nothing is done about it by anyone. Not, even Wilder complains about it. 🥊

  4. You’re an idiot. Your explanation for the second fight, the one where Wilder got put on his ass? Can you please explain that one?

  5. I do believe Wilder won the first fight by knock out and that Fury was given a slow count because boxing needs to sell fights and a rematch is always more money. You can’t say Wilder doesn’t have a chin when he’s never been technically knocked out because stopping the fight is different than being knocked out cold. He’s been in with heavy hitters and almost lost and come back and knocked them out. Yes he’s more of a puncher than pure boxer. Fury did beat him the second fight with pure boxing and didn’t let Wilder get any significant shots off. If Fury really got covid then let him recover and let them fight and finally settle it in October and have people stop complaining on both sides. I do understand people saying he probably doesn’t have covid but I don’t think he’d be doing it to duck Wilder it would be more mind games to mess with him or even maybe get the Joshua fight first but definitely not ducking or being scared. I appreciate both fighters for both their individual styles and I like watching both fight. I hope the 3rd fight is a good one and finally gets settled.

  6. Tyson fury is nothing but a cheating glove tampering pikey hack who was knocked out anyway and a slow count helped him get up and recover so we shouldn’t even be having this fight but he should be happy he didnt have to fight anthony joshua because thats a fight he cant and won’t win!!!

    • Wilder lost both fights. Was gifted the first fight. He only won two rounds. The rounds he knocked Fury down in. He lost the rest. Joshua gets beat by Fury. Joshua probably gets beat by Wilder. Joshua vs Wilder is a better match up for thier styles. Neither one can outbox Fury.


  7. Deontay Excuses Excuses Wilder.
    1st the count was too long against Fury in first fight.

    Then his entrance outfit was to heavy, took away his little chicken legs.

    Then he had personal things going on he doesn’t want to talk about.

    Then his trainer spiked his drink (because he’s hating on him of course).

    Then Tyson had funny gloves.

    Now he has his next built in excuse ( I would have beat him on the 24th, but the move to October gave me personal problems that took away my legs and gave me a soft chin do to spiked ointment in my Vaseline jar).

  8. What a biased hack job of an article. Someone who’s not a doctor or scientist pushing a “vaccine” that’s proven not to prevent Covid. Had Fury gotten “vaccinated” twice he could well have still contracted Covid. Are we even sure Fury has Covid? Or did he just fall ill? If not confirmed Covid is this just a convenient assumption to push the vaccine on readers? Fury is the Heavyweight champion of the world, therefore the top boxer in the world, deserving of the boxer of the year award. If the author doesn’t think so work your way up to a mandatory & then beat him for the title- I’m not going to hold my breath for that to happen. Probably easier to write gossip about what others have done than it is to do something yourself.

    • Talk about spreading gossip based on a biased opinion. What evidence do you have that any Covid-19 vaccination doesn’t work, Dr. SILVERSHAREHOLDER?

    • He’s fight one-time he’s the champion of the world why isn’t he fighting to defend his title. He needs to start defending his title a little more. Fury would of been just challenger for heavy where division back when boxing had real contenders Fury would of been one of those guys to get knocked out and never heard from again back then. You ask me h could be a lot better than he is so off balance when he throws punches it’s crazy. Ask me he’s Far from great. The whole heavyweight division sucks now a days . I wouldn’t pay for this fight why to watch 2 mediocre fighters for 50 bucks no way I could find something else to do with my money like a it on my girl

  9. Where is there a billion people? It’s one of the smallest population of races. Lol. Dummy

    • Neither Wilder or Fury ranks very high in terms of true boxing prowess in my opinion. It would be to much for either of them to get in the ring and come forward putting pressure on the opposing fighter. The flaws of each one are so obvious that the winner, no matter who it is will not maintain his title when and if a real boxing talent depends on the heavyweight scene

    • Don’t y’all British Bulldog people come in here wit’ them excuses… Fury knows the 🐱 is out the bag and he can’t cheat this 🕙… He knows he’s in deep trouble and delaying and running ain’t hiding… We all will see come October. Wilder gon beat that ass!!

  10. 90% of you all posting here are clowns while 10% show signs of intelligence and common sense.

    • I hear that lol… Besides it’s not like people aren’t testing positive who are fully vaccinated….. And it’s not like the who didn’t call the pcr test inaccurate or anything… Inconvenient furys false positive probably being used to prove a point about how whites need to get vaccinated lol.

    • I like how pwood makes it racist. Like it’s a problem white people aren’t getting vaccinated because one guy doesn’t get fully vaccinated. You realize there’s literally over a billion white people right? 🤣

    • Thats a dumb idea…
      Wilder & Tyson are 2 completely different type of fighters…
      They’re like night & day.
      Wilders height & style of fighting would be better coached by somebody like Lennox Lewis, but thats only if Lennox had the training knowledge to do so, which he does not.
      Mike definitely ain’t got training knowledge…
      Mike was NEVER a technical boxer to begin with, nor has he EVER had a high boxers IQ.
      Just cus he was a fighter doesn’t mean he’s capable of training ogher fighters.

    • I’ve been on my share of message boards and I’ve seen idiotic comments. But, these comments in here are some of the stupidest I’ve ever read. I’ve read one person imply COVID vaccines don’t work and another write that Lennox Lewis and Tyson lack boxing IQ. Morons.

  11. I think anytime this fight happens Deontay will win,because i believe he found,he needs more than a punch.

    • You’re right. He learned that a KO artist won’t always win against a pure boxer.

    • Tyson scared and realized how much Wilder has improved within a year training. Wilder been working on his footwork and stances which we know he kinda weak at. By Oct 9 lets see who going to make up another wxcuses to postpone the fight again lol…

  12. Look I don’t give damn what anybody gotta say it ain’t gone mean damn thing to me give wilder his credit alright admit whether dude cheated not I can say he was over confident but instead of bagging on dude why don’t u watch the fight when it happens cause he ain’t no king I can tell that but u act like he can’t be heat so all all crap y’all saying ain’t Shhh… So let’s see what happens cause bet u he couldn’t knock out Mike Tyson so king naw boxer well guess but watch the fight if he lose he lost but don’t go talking crap bout who can box this that to me he ain’t that good

    • Rchj. What you wrote is not English. It is so mangled and slapped together without any grammar, syntax or spelling that it would be a miracle if anyone trying to read it will ever make any sense of what you might have meant. I suggest that in the future if you want to communicate using the written word, please take your time and think carefully about what you want to express with your words. It will also help you to read well written English often, so you can tell the difference from bad English and thus automatically learn to express yourself in a better fashion.
      Best wishes to you and yours.

  13. Fury is a proof everyone should do the thing and don’t get vaccinated! Save yourself the risk of developing serious illness from the vaccine like many others already did by supposedly doing the right thing and taking the vaccine! And who knows what negative effects on human health taking this vaccine will have in the years to come.

  14. Fury outboxed Wider the first fight and got off the mat after taking Wilders powerful right hand. In the second fight he straight up knocked Wilder out so I don’t get how he is supposed to be afraid to fight the man. Hopefully the third fight will settle matters once and for all.

    • It was about 20 to 15 count that’s y wilder look like what he get all day to get up wilder won stop cheating so much wilder work his sloppy body he will go down no abs no muscle fat 15 to the body of sloppy fury. Down Down if wilder box him like he say he is going to do by Round 4 or 5 that body gone down he will go !!!!!

    • Fury gone whip his ass again smh Wilder can PUNCH not FIGHT. He’s been exposed too late to be brand new. He had yes men in his camp then and probably even more so now. And I can’t wait to hear the excuses soons he loses. #notArealChampion

  15. I believe most of you Decafs give fury’s to much credit. He’d get knocked out every heavy champ there has been! Now Wilder since his blood line’s pure, with serious practice no one would stand a chance well they would by cheating!

  16. Everyone knows tyson fury was getting knocked out cold in sparing! He has no confidence because he cant cheat! 😂

  17. I Chris Carroll contracted COVID 19 in nov.2020 .Then I tested at USD San Diego and got a negative test. in Jan.of 2021.Then this April -may of 2021I tested a third time and was negative again so then I got vaccinated twice to really beat from coming back as documented on my first test at pacific Pearl.I now take viral shield ,vitamins lots of water and I’m training with running about 2 miles once or twice a week.I feel better but some days I have runny stool from irritable bowel syndrome and hemmrhoids.I don’t believe I have it now but I’m still using a mask and washing my hands religiously.The vaccines helped and so does the viral shield .I have two negative tests following a positive and it gets better health wise after a few weeks after the second vaccination.I beat it and I feel better so get the second shot Andy take viral shield and keep practicing safe distance ,washing hands after any contact and wear your mask god bless lots of and keep the good faith love Chris Carroll

  18. Fury ducking wilder his ass will be put to sleep if he fight him for a third time he wasn’t suppose to make it the first fight look at the knock out ratings

    • Tyson did get knockdown twice the first fight. 2nd fight it was Dontay that got knockdown twice. But Dontay was mugged. Completely beatdown. Now Wilder does have the KO punch from hell. But he has no legs or chin.

    • It’s not rocket science for anyone who noes the boxing game fury was out concussed now the bbof control say they have to protect the fighter so all you haters answer this in any fight I’ve seen boxers take a punch like fury the ref instantly waves fight off takes out boxers gum shield and puts them on there side so if I’m not mistaken why did the ref take so long and why when he was lent over fury with he’s eyes up in his head did he not wave fight of I’ll tell you why cos it’s fixed people paid to give fury every chance wich ref gave him then in second fight wilder did not get koed his trainer threw towel in wich in a fight seen a few weeks ago the ref threw the towel back out and let fight go on so who’s at fault here the ref new wilder was a threat cos a hurt nan is a dangerous man he should of ket him get almost to the point were he was not defending himself then stop it it was a silly stoppage by wilder trainer but ref could have over ruled the decision no matter what gets said let’s see fury smash him again like he says he will I personally can’t see it but I repeat that’s my prediction if he does I’ll be the first on here to appoligise for what I’ve said and congratulate the man (fury) how’s that

  19. These guys should have been in the ring in April. They could have easily done a Trilogy, leaned on PPV over gate revenue due to Covid and had this wrapped up. Ruiz and Arreola was May 1st. This is simply wrong. Even if this fight couldn’t have been made. Tyson Fury is arguably the lineal champion. He has a belt. He’s going to go nearly two years not fighting. Get in the ring dude.

    • Exactly! For all Fury’s skills, he’s among the worst champions ever. When he beat Wladimir, he dodged a rematch and did nothing with the belt. Until they ultimately stripped him.

      Now he comes back, begs Wilder to give him a chance instead of working his way back up, he gets the belt, and now what? Same story, different day.

      Not even checking, I’m pretty sure Fury has some sort of record for longest time as belt holder without a single defense.

  20. You actually said “some people” believe Fury is ducking Wilder?? I doubt that. I don’t think anyone with even minimal boxing knowledge thinks Fury is worried about Wilder at all. Don’t be ridiculous.

  21. I can’t believe how little people know about these vaccines
    They DO NOT stop you from getting it spreading covid. Anyone stating they do is LYING or is sadly misinformed. They simply reduce your symptoms, supposedly, and that’s it. No one is “immune” because of these. Do some damn research before writing stupid articles full of nonsense.

  22. I can’t believe the comments that are saying Tyson is scared. It’s laughable. He boxed Wilders ears off the first and second fight. If Wilder hadn’t have landed two knock-downs it wouldn’t have been close. Also, Deontay has blamed everything from his ridiculous costume to his skin color as why he lost, it’s embarrassing for him. He’s a KO artist because of his lengthy frame and size but the dude can hardly box. For as big as Tyson is the dude moves quick and is stratosphere above Wilder when it comes to boxing. What a clown!!! Can’t wait until the third fight. What are the Wilder fans gonna say then? Probably more lame excuses. Hopefully we’ll hear something new and not the same old tired BS as before.

    • Knockdowns wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for a knock-down punch landing. I’m not a fan of either fighter more than the other. But to say that Wilder only landed two knock down punches, he still landed two knock down punches.

    • October will tell who’s the better boxer everything you’re saying right now doesn’t even matter what matters is what happens in the ring in October if Tyson doesn’t get scared and bag out again

    • Why would they say the first fight was a tie if Wilder scored two knockdowns. I don’t care if Fury boxed circles around wilder if Wilder knocked him down twice and Fury had none then how is it a tie?

  23. Tyson Fury is FOS and a liar. Why Fury out trying to buy a car while his supposed to have COVID? I believe he cheated in the 2nd fight with Wilder.

    • Why? Cause wilder said he did. Theres no proof at all. Wilder never even said he did until his heavy suit excuse was proven total BS. Watch the fight again wilder throws as many and more blatant rabbit punches as fury.

  24. This is a silly article. “Looking healthy” doesn’t matter. Some people who contract COVID have no symptoms. Also, most athletes tend to have extremely healthy bodies due to their strenuous training and diet, so they deal with sickness better than regular civilians. Notice how most of the pro athletes who contracted it harder ever displayed any major signs, which is why many of tu m do didn’t realize they had it until they wer tested.

  25. He’s lying – what is an even sadder state of affairs is that the boxing community somehow gave him this award in a year where he has not had a fight, has messed up the Joshua fight (biggest fight in a decade), and is now lying about the reason he’s ducking another fight. He’s not sick, rather he is an habitual liar and so many people are inexplicably buying into the hype. Look at his last 15 fights and factor in his performance, the level of the opposition, and the manner of decision. You’ll find one great performance, two solid performances and a bunch of average performances. If you still believe he is worthy of all this hype, praise awards and pound for pound accolades…then you must be watching a different sport than I am.

    • What matters, is that he WON 17 of the 19 rounds he fought with Wilder. “Bum Squad” was exposed by the Gypsy King and nothing is gonna change in a 3rd fight.

    • You’re delusional. He was trying to fight Joshua. It was Deontay that was taking forever. Tyson told him if he didn’t hurry up he would fight Joshua instead. Then deontay decided to quit making excuses and won an arbitration to mandate that Fury fight hi. If he tested positive he can’t be medically cleared. All the Wilder fans hate Fury for exposing what a phony Deontay is.

  26. “how he got sick when he was supposedly vaccinated.”
    You can still contract and even spread Covid19 after being vaccinated once, or twice. The vaccinations just help prevent you getting seriously ill and dying. The second dose makes the chances of hospitalisation and death twice as unlikely as after one jab. Even after 1 jab someone his age would be very unlikely to require hospitalisation (<1%), but he has to isolate if he has Covid, because it can be more dangerous to less fortunate people, obviously.

    • Let’s get this done in October. Then I can enjoy passing out Candy on Halloween.
      With a smile on my face.

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