Tim Bradley: No Money, No Crawford Fight for ‘Boots’ Ennis

By Tim Compton - 02/17/2024 - Comments

Boxing expert Tim Bradley says the reason why Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis can’t get a fight against unified welterweight champion Terence Crawford is because boxing is a “business,” not a sport.

Bradley points out that Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) is on a different pay scale perch than the 26-year-old Boots Ennis (31-0, 28 KOs), and because of that, they can’t fight.

Tim feels that Crawford should be getting $10-15 million for his fights, and he can’t get that kind of dough fighting Boots Ennis.

Of course, Crawford can’t make that money against anyone but Canelo Alvarez, who has zero interest in fighting the Nebraska native.

“More Business Than Sport”

“It’s not worth the risk with a Boots. This game is more business than sport,” said boxing expert Tim Bradley to the media, about why Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis can’t get a fight against Terence Crawford. “You look to maximize your money and fight somebody who is willing to step in the ring with you.”

Bradley doesn’t say who Crawford can fight right now to keep his career going to prevent fans from slowly forgetting about him, which they surely will if he stays out of the ring for much longer.

Canelo won’t fight him, and Jermell Charlo might not return to the ring after getting a big bag fighting the Mexican star last September.

Tim Tszyu isn’t more popular than Boots Ennis in the U.S. and might lose his next fight against Keith Thurman. Crawford can fight the winner of that match, but that won’t bring him the $10+ million that Bradley feels he deserves.

The Harsh Reality of Boxing Levels

“Maximize what you get just to get active,” Bradley continued about what Boots Ennis should do, considering that Crawford won’t fight him, even though he has no opponent scheduled and has been rejected for a clash against Canelo Alvarez.

“He’s [Boots] has been forgotten. Why is he chasing Crawford? Make a name for yourself. He just wants to go straight to the top. Bro, Crawford is on a different level, a different pay scale. Crawford is at the penthouse. This kid [Ennis] is at the C-level,” said Bradley about the difference in money Terence makes compared to Boots.

Bradley’s view is that the sport is based on a hierarchy, meaning that despite Ennis having loads of talent, he doesn’t have the market value as the 16-year veteran Crawford at this early stage of his career.


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