The Top 10 Greatest Fighters Of All-Time, As Ranked By AI!

By James Slater - 03/25/2024 - Comments

Seemingly every fight fan has a personal Top 10 greatest-ever fights list in them, or at the least, fans have a Top 10 they can agree with. There have of course been some heated discussions in this regard over the years, and this will not likely change. Not ever. In short, it’s tough to come up with a Top 10 greatest fighters ever list that everyone can possibly agree with.

So, let’s see AI (Artificial Intelligence) have a go! A Top 10 list has been brought into existence by AI, and the folks at Sports Bible have released it. And to be fair, it’s not a bad list.

Here it is:

In reverse order:

10: Mike Tyson

9: Rocky Marciano

8: Jack Johnson

7: Floyd Mayweather Jr

6: Roberto Duran

5: Sugar Ray Leonard

4: Henry Armstrong

3: Joe Louis

2: Sugar Ray Robinson

1: Muhammad Ali

Of course there are some names that you will strongly feel should be there in the list but are not – Harry Greb, for example, or maybe Ezzard Charles, or Archie Moore, or Willie Pep, or Manny Pacquiao, or Sam Langford……well, on and on we could go.

But the list from the mind of AI is not the worst you have ever seen, surely? Personally, I’m pleased the superb Henry Armstrong makes an appearance, and of course what list worth reading could possibly leave out Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali? Maybe you feel Sugar should be placed at the top of the pile instead of “The Greatest,” but AI has spoken.

So, all in all, what do YOU make of this list? Maybe AI will now give us further lists, of the Top 10 greatest-ever fights/rounds/KO’s, etc?

Now, here’s a human Top 10 greatest-ever fighters list you may or may not find yourself agreeing with:

In reverse order:

10: Archie Moore

9: Charley Burley

8: Joe Louis

7: Roberto Duran

6: Harry Greb

5: Sam Langford

4: Ezzard Charles

3: Muhammad Ali

2: Henry Armstrong

1: Sugar Ray Robinson