Terrell Jamal Woods Scores Impressive One Round KO Win Over Helaman Olguin – Boxing Results

08/15/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

Heavyweight contender, formerly classed as a journeyman, Terrell Jamal Woods scored a big first-round KO win over Helaman Olguin last night in Salt Lake City. Woods, who landed a big right hand that dropped southpaw Olguin heavily, leaving him prostrate for some time, is now a very deceptive 26-49-9(27). Olguin falls to 9-4(4).

Woods, despite his less than impressive looking record, is on something of a roll right now. Last month, the 31 year old from Forrest City, Arkansas ended JD Chapman’s unbeaten record by winning a four-round unanimous decision that Chapman was lucky to have survived. Before that, in March, Woods, known as “Knockout,” dropped and held Alexander Ustinov to a draw that really should have been a win for Woods.

Going into last night’s fight, that contested the vacant American Boxing Federation American West Heavyweight title, Woods said it was a fight he simply had to win. He got the “W” and he also got the KO and now, remaining extremely active (he has now had five fights this year already), Woods is set to face Damian Wills in Phoenix on September 18th.

Woods really is a guy to root for. Not every fighter can have a nice, shiny unbeaten record. But Woods, who has been stopped just seven times and has been robbed plenty, can really fight. It is going to be interesting seeing how far Woods, something of a late bloomer, can go. Next up it will be “Bolo” Wills – can Woods take care of him too? Don’t go betting against it.

Woods, who has been punching for pay since way back in 2011 (when he lost his pro debut, thrown in deep right from the start), has never looked for easy fights, nor has he ducked a challenge. Very much an old-school fighter, Woods does look to be on top of his game right now. It really would be a genuine “Rocky” story if Woods could manage to get as far as challenging for a major title, of as far as beating a top-10 fighter.