Teofimo Lopez sending contract to Devin Haney for next fight

WBC lightweight champion Devin ‘The Dream’ Haney (25-0, 15 KOs) will be receiving a contract offer IBF/WBA/WBC Franchise/WBO champion Teofimo Lopez for his next fight in April or May.

Haney, 22, is the backup insurance plan if Teofimo is unable to get the fight made with his main target, George Kambosos. It’s possible that Haney’s name is only being thrown in by Teofimo to get Kambosos not to ask for too much money.

If Kambosos knows that Teofimo has a high-profile option in Haney, he might not ask for as much dough.

Haney and Kambosos will both be getting contract offers for Teofimo’s next fight in late April or early May. Teofimo (16-0, 12 KOs) still doesn’t know the exact date yet for his fight, but he’ll find out soon.

The main thing is, Teofimo gets an opponent to sign so that he can move forward with his career. He says he wants to take on all the top guys at 135, but we’ll see if that happens.

Devin Haney, George Kambosos Jr., Teofimo Lopez - Boxing News

Teofimo, 23, is with Top Rank and fights on ESPN. Putting together a fight with one of the DAZN guys like Haney or Ryan Garcia could be a problem.

Lopez’s promoter Bob Arum has talked of wanting to match him against the Australian fighter Kambosos (19-0, 10 KOs) next, and Teofimo Sr has talked about the fight. Both Arum and Teofimo Sr seem highly interested in making the fight with Kambosos.

There’s a possibility of 60,000 fans attending a fight between Teofimo and Kambosos. Last week, Teofimo said that Haney is his plan-B option if he can’t get the fight made with Kambosos.

“The end of April the beginning of May is my fight date,” said Teofimo. “Well, my fight month. Against who?

“We’re in the works of it. We’re going to throw contracts at Devin, and we’re going to throw contracts at Kambosos.

“Whatever we get back with, as long as we find a medium and we all agree to the terms, then you’re going to see a fight.

Teofimo needs a good performance to keep increasing his popularity. He turned down a rematch with Vasily Lomachenko, who he beat by a 12 round unanimous decision last October.

Despite huge fan interest in seeing a second fight, Teofimo has repeatedly said, ‘What for?’

Teofimo is now saying he’s not giving Lomachenko a rematch because he didn’t add a rematch clause in the contract, and he doubts that he would have been given a second fight if he’d lost.

Many boxing fans think that Teofimo, his dad, and Arum don’t want to make the fight with Lomachenko for fear of losing.

Devin Haney, George Kambosos Jr., Teofimo Lopez - Boxing News

Lomachenko is with Top Rank as well, but he’s not young at 33, and he lacks the charisma that Teofimo possesses. So it’s good for Top Rank to make sure that Lomachenko never gets a rematch with Lopez because he’ll likely beat him the second time around.

“They’re all going to know. Why do you think Devin said April? Everything is already falling into place, ladies and gents,” said Teofimo.

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  1. on Tha Boxing voice today Bill said he has not gotten anything form the Lopez Crew,and told Fortuna’s promoter Samson that they would give him 600k for a fight in April. Samson who was also on the show agreed. Now Bill will talk to Eddie so we may get this one

  2. @Hec Dog, you can call Teofimo big mouth..But Big mouth, whoop Loma ass as the world watched..Remember, other professionals fighters tweeted live as Loma got whooped..There wasn’t a fighter who watched that fight thought that Loma won that night..Your delusional..lmao😁😅🤣

  3. The lightweight division has to be the most world class fighters at the moment, it would be an absolute tragedy for the sport for these fighters not to sort it out in the ring. Luckily they all seem keen to do so and even a worldwide pandemic dosnt look like it will get in the way. Lopez has stated he wants to fight 3 times this year. Starting off with kambosos would be good, he can get the mandatory out the way or Kambosos could be a lot better than we thought. Great Times ahead, lete hope thr promoters dont get in the way.

  4. The the newly crowned man, Teofimo who beat the man, is stepping it up and is planning to meet his IBF mandator down under to the hearts of 60,000 screaming aussies. Teofimo will break their hearts and make them fans. At the same time, Teofimo is putting the division on notice with Haney being the first to be dispatched. The light division that was once held captive by a matrix, the form, the man who many considered one of the best to have ever laced up a pair off gloves is now free. the matrix is in transition, broken and bitter with a tarnished aura . Hopefully, he finds his place in the mix. The lightweight division is invigorated with excitement with young bucks looking to lock horns. Even Josh Taylor is considering jumping in the rumble. Mickey Garcia should come down and rumble.

  5. Big Mouth Teofimo is doing all he can to a od Vasiliy High Tech Lomachenko. He k iwa he would take a beating so instead he wants a C level Club fighter in Kambosos or a pitty patting, good amateur inDevin Haney that possesses no threat whatsoever. Neither of these low level fighters has beaten a tone if high caliber or decent caliber. Big Mouth Teofimo runs from the top guys as fast as he runs his Mouth. Vasiliy High Tech Lomachenko will is healing up and isn’t going anywhere. He will take any and all of these Diva Big Mouths out one by one you. Stop running Big Mouth Teofimo. Lomachenko is going to hunt you down.

  6. Lopez is the man at 135 after smashing Loma. Now out to prove his worth by taking on big challenges. It won’t be like the days when Pacquiao ducked Mayweather for 5 years!

  7. His fighting style and apparent desire to fight frequently is turning me into a fan. I wouldn’t want to have a sleepover and stay up all night talking with him, but this is great stuff!!!

  8. Like I said couple days ago, The New Breed ain’t xxxx’ing around.
    We are going Back to the Future with these cats and they’re putting boxing on notice.
    No more ducking and dodging and making excuses like some weights for five years and counting.
    I’m 100% behind The New Breed who are young cats with Old School mindsets…
    As for the others… SMH

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