Styles Clash: Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez on June 7, 2014 at MSG

We all know that Miguel Cotto (38-4-0) is a fan of fighting at the Madison Square Garden in New York. Maybe it’s because he feels that he has a much bigger following and support there than anywhere else, or maybe it’s because out of the ten times that he had fought in New York, he came out a winner nine times.

Come June 7th, Cotto will be facing his toughest MSG opponent yet: Sergio Martinez (51-2-2).

Miguel Cotto is a fighter before a boxer, at least in the way he prefers to press the action. Never backing down and never leaving any room for anyone to question his heart, Cotto is a fan of middle ring action. In his fight against Pacquiao, Cotto was exposed in a positive as well as a negative light. Yes, he stood his ground, willing to trade with an opponent that is not only faster, but also stronger than him. He wanted to give the fans what they came to see, but at the same time, displaying the lack of self preservation he put himself in a losing position from the get-go.

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In his fight against Chavez Jr., Martinez showed what a boxing lesson is, putting Chavez Jr. through a clinic from bell to bell. While he seems capable of trading, Martinez is more likely to time his opponents and land from the outside.

These two fighters, together, are creating a very intriguing fight. They are both wodl champions with tons of experience under their belts. Either way it goes, this is the kind of match-up that will undoubtedly please the entire spectrum of boxing fans and media, possibly making way for a very exciting rematch.

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