Should Juan Manuel Marquez plan his retirement party?

By Vitali Shaposhnikov - 10/15/2013 - Comments

marquez6756Degrading physical attributes due to inevitable aging, is generally the main reason for fighters losing their fights and being forced into retirement. Some believe that it’s the boxing abilities that abandon a fighter first, but in reality, technical ability is more than just muscle memory, over time it gets hardwired into one’s brain and forgetting it requires a very long period of inactivity.

Juan Manuel Marquez hasn’t displayed a decline of either physical or technical aptitude yet. Every one of his fights is not only competitive, but also consistently crown pleasing. His ability to box as well as brawl makes him a very unpredictable challenger. At the age of 40, his experience and participation in the fight game is legendary. As far as his late career goes, his loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the only one that cannot be disputed or questions by the fans.

His losses to Pacquiao as well as Bradley were, and still are being aggressively debated within the boxing community. For Marquez, losing fights with such spectacular performances must be emotionally taxing. He had gone through this with the Manny Pacquiao fights, and now he feels robbed once again after losing to Timothy Bradley.

Reports stated that Marquez looked tired and defeated when walking away from the arena, with a huge question mark hanging over his thoughts regarding his future boxing career. The crack in the foundation of his confidence is not hard to understand, but should Marquez retire from boxing, from his life?

Family and close friends are always more important than anything else, including one’s career. But walking away from something that gave you and your family a comfortable and extravagant life for generations to come is also a rough choice to make.

In his fight against Bradley, Marquez still looked like himself, punching with precision and determination. He looked strong and fresh, quick and strong-minded. Dinamita is still a very viable opponent for Bradley, Pacquiao, Rios, Garcia, and a few other champions. There are tremendous fights out there, and most of them he could win.

His retirement party is approaching, but it has not yet arrived. Until then, until he feels and looks like a fighter that needs to retire for the sake of his safety, Juan Manuel Marquez should keep doing what he is doing, as his fan base keeps growing exponentially.

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Last Updated on 10/15/2013