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Should Amir Khan Retire?

He won’t, of course, but there are quite a few people – pundits, fans, general experts – who are strongly suggesting former 140 pound champ Amir Khan should call it quits and retire. Before he gets hurt. Steve Bunce is one of these people, and the BBC Sport analyst says he wants Khan to retire because “I don’t want to see the kid get hurt.” Bunce is not the only one.

How many times has Khan, 33-4(20) been knocked down during his thrilling yet very possibly (likely even) damaging pro career? The number has reached double-figures, courtesy of Saturday night’s way, way tougher than expected fight with a determined Samuel Vargas (Vargas being as tough as they come, but, perhaps worryingly for Khan, Sammy is no big puncher).

Khan is talking big fights with Manny Pacquiao and/or Kell Brook, but those who care about the Bolton man say the risk far outweighs the potential rewards. Let’s face it, Khan’s chin – THE single biggest chink in his arsenal – is never, ever going to get any better. Khan, be it at 135, 140 or his current 147, has never had a reliable chin, with the chances of him being put over at any instance, by a puncher or a relative non-puncher, always being there.

Khan always gets back up, or tries to, but how much accumulative damage is the former Olympian picking up as he picks himself up and tries with all his heart to fight fire with fire? There has never been anything wrong with Khan’s heart, quite the contrary – Khan is TOO brave in fights. But it’s that chin, that’s the problem.

Pacquiao could hurt Khan badly, as could the sturdier (than Khan) Brook. Khan will fight on, there is no doubt (or lack of money, and fans eager to see the kind of don’t blink action Khan always provides). Yet after all he has achieved, and after over a dozen years in the pro ring, maybe Khan should go out now while he’s on top (sort of).

Khan WILL get knocked out or stopped again if he fights another elite fighter. That writing is on the wall.