Shannon Briggs threatens Wladimir: Team Klitschko adds extra Security

It has been a little over a week since Shannon Briggs stormed into a restaurant where Wladimir Klitschko was having a meal, and took it took far with his antics, eating Wladimir’s food and promising to follow him everywhere he goes. This must have been that very last straw, because this time, even though calm and composed, Klitschko poured a glass of water over Shannon’s head, sending Briggs into a frenzy, resulting in broken glassware and cuts.

Clearly this incident did nothing to settle the situation, as Briggs is back on Wladimir’s back, threatening more action: “As soon as I see you, I will hot you in the face. Your fat security guard approached me from the back and grabbed me. That’s cool. I even cut my foot on your glass jaw. Nobody cares about your fight against Pulev, while the entire world is talking about us. Let’s do this!” said Briggs.

“This was 100% real, not staged,” added Briggs about that restaurant brawl.

These kinds of actions are nothing new to boxing, as they are the purest form of self marketing in this sport. Being a contact sport, the fans see anger and hate as a potential fuel to more action. Briggs is adding more and more fuel to his hate relationship with Klitschko, and it would be absurd to deny its effectiveness.

Slowly but surely their drama is getting more popular, with the potential of their fight gaining momentum. All this is generally within the normal parameters of self marketing in boxing, but when things get rough, and physical damage results, compromising one of the fighter’s upcoming bouts, these stunts becomes too risky.

Due to the escalading nature of Briggs’s behavior, team Klitschko has added extra security for Wladimir while he is in training for his September 6 bout against Kubrat Pulev, in Hamburg Germany.

“Until now it was funny, but not anymore,” stated Berndt Boente, Wladimir’s manager.

Shannon Briggs will no doubt continue to provoke Wladimir to a fight, and it is entirely possible that he will eventually get the fight that the boxing fans are clamoring for.

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