Shane Mosley and Ricardo Mayorga To Go At It Again!

He hasn’t been in a boxing ring since injuring his back in Australia against Anthony Mundine in November 2013, yet yesterday a deal was done for former 3 weight world champ Shane Mosley and bitter rival Ricardo Mayorga to repeat their September 2008 encounter, which Mosley won by knockout in the last couple of seconds of the fight.

Mosley, now 43, was ahead on two judges scorecards and that of ‘unofficial’ HBO judge Harold Lederman, yet there was still some dispute from Mayorga, who believes he was hard done by, and now, after a long social media battle, the rematch between the aging veterans is on.

The two will square off on August 29th in L.A with the bout set at 154 lbs, and the twitter baiting between the two has already begun, with Mosley posting a photo of the pair, signing contracts alongside the words;

“Signed on the dotted line. It’s official. He isn’t ready. He got real quiet when he saw me. He don’t want these hands.”

Mayorga, known as much for his crazy antics, beer swigging and cigarette smoking as for his fighting, was inactive for over 3 years following his loss to Miguel Cotto in 2011, yet returned last year, fighting twice up at light-heavyweight.

The colourful Mayorga, a former 2 weight world champ in his own right, had the following “Spanglish” tweet for “Sugar” Shane;

“Now all the boxeo fan know who REAL Mayorga es. After we KO @ShaneMosley en dos, we make his puta @Bella1Mafia give us a massage and we drink beer”


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