Shakur Stevenson wants pro debut to take place in January, already eyeing the big names at featherweight

After missing out on a gold medal at Rio 2016, ultra-talented and gifted Shakur Stevenson is now looking ahead to picking up gold at pro level – where big, big things are expected of him. The 19-year-old spoke with over the weekend and he said he will turn pro as a featherweight, “there are top dogs at that weight,” he said. Stevenson has naturally had plenty of interest from the various promoters, yet he says he has not yet made up his mind about who he may or may not sign with.

Stevenson also stated how he has NOT signed any deal with superstar Floyd Mayweather Junior and his Money Team organisation; although Mayweather did of course show up and support Stevenson in Rio, with Stevenson being very grateful for this.

“I definitely haven’t made my decision yet. I’m still up for grabs,” Stevenson said regarding his future. “I don’t really have no promoter that I’m strongly considering right now. I haven’t really seen anything yet but I’ve heard certain [promoters] have been trying to hit me up. Golden Boy has definitely been one of them. Top Rank. I guess we have to see. I’d rather fight at that weight (featherweight). There are top dogs at that weight. Leo Santa Cruz, Lee Selby, Garry Russell – I want to challenge those guys when the time is right.”

Just like when Olympic stars such as Lennox Lewis, Oscar De La Hoya and Mayweather himself were on the verge of going pro, Stevenson has the attention of just about every promoter out there today. Will he go with TMT? Golden Boy? Top Rank? Whoever it is that manages to get hold of Stevenson, they will have a red-hot commodity on their hands, that’s for sure. As good as he is, Stevenson will likely be moved fast as a pro; even if the big fights with the “top dogs” will not take place for a few years.

Stevenson seems to have all the tools needed to become a world champion (although, as we know, in boxing there have been “sure things” who failed at the top level) and he will be a welcome addition to the already talent-rich 126-pound weight division. Boxing always needs new stars, and Stevenson certainly has that look about him.