Sanity Prevails As Riddick Bowe’s Ring Return Is Off

By James Slater - 09/23/2021 - Comments

In what is nothing but good news, news that shows there are still limits as far as an aging former champion being allowed to set foot back into the ring, Riddick Bowe’s return to the squared circle, against Lamar Odum in what would have been a celebrity match-up, has been called off.

TMZ Sports report how fellow past it former heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield’s dismal showing against Vitor Belfort played a big part in Bowe’s return being scrapped.

Bowe, who was to have fought (or tried to fight) on October 2nd, will still feature in the event, as he will be the third man in the ring when Paulie Malignaggi fights some dude named Corey B (yes, that fight is still going ahead).

Bowe, 54, has of course gained a good deal of weight since his glory days, and his speech and gait have alarmed plenty of people. Hopefully, Bowe’s fight being scrapped will not prove to be a one-off – should James Toney, for example, be permitted, licensed, to box again at age 53?

Toney, who like Bowe has piled on the pounds and has been suffering from slurred speech for some time, is down to fight former heavyweight contender Jeremy Williams in an exhibition affair on October 23.

Sanity Prevails As Riddick Bowe's Ring Return Is Off

There is some disturbing news, however, in the recent suggestion from the head of Triller that Holyfield WILL fight again – this at the age of 59. Hopefully, this dangerous, bad taste idea will be shot down.

As has been written, some exhibition bouts between veteran fighters can be fun (Mike Tyson-Roy Jones was not bad), so long as the two men still have some speed and reflexes. Holyfield, it was clear against Belfort, has none left, or any balance or punch resistance.

Now, thankfully, we will not get to see Bowe’s faded reflexes and jaded movement on display and on TV. Who knows what might have happened had Bowe, once a truly great fighter, been allowed to climb through the ropes after such a long, long time away? For those that care, Odum will now fight TBA.