Ryan Garcia Claims He’d KO Prime Mayweather, Haney in 1st round

By Will Arons - 03/16/2024 - Comments

Ryan Garcia is feeling confident about his talent in preparing for his April 20th fight against Devin Haney. On Friday, Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) gave these gems on social media, predicting he would knock out a prime Floyd Mayeather Jr.

He also said he’ll KO Haney in the first round next month, knocking him out with two punches while fighting with his hands down.

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Those who think Ryan is just saying this stuff to promote his fight with Haney on DAZN PPV could be wrong. The sudden mental transformation that Ryan has undergone since his February 27th press conference in New York shows an entirely different person than the one that existed before.

Some fans speculate that Ryan has developed rapid schizophrenia, which often kicks in for young people in their early 20s.

Devin Haney: MIA in the Hype Game

“In his prime, I honestly believe I could knock out Floyd Mayweather,” said Ryan Garcia on social media. “You asked me who I could knock out, and I gave you the answer. If you don’t like the answer.

“I’m doing 98% of this, 99,” said Ryan when asked if Devin Haney is pulling his weight in the promotion of their April 20th fight on DAZN PPV. “I feel like I’m doing all of it. I don’t really care what he does.”

Even if Haney was helping out, he has no charisma, so he would be a third wheel. It’s his dad, Bill Haney, that has promoted all his fights. He’s the one that is MIA. He’s been keeping a low profile since the two press conferences in February.

Trash Talk Turned Up to 11

“I’m going to walk towards him with my hands down and knock him out. I guarantee it. I’m going to stand in front of him with my hands down, hit him with two punches, and knock him out. He’ll be knocked out in the first round,” said Ryan about what he’s going to do to Haney.

Ryan definitely has the power to KO Haney if he lands one of his left hooks on the button. Whether he will is a different matter.

Reality Check, Anyone?

“He’s going to be knocked out in any round I want him to be knocked out in,” said Ryan. “If I want to torture him in the ring, I will. I guarantee you. His dad is going to have three chances to save him or something really bad is going to happen to Devin Haney in that ring, and you know what that is.

“I’m not risking that on him. I’m saying this is how I’m coming. I don’t see you. I see what’s behind you. Remember that,’ said Ryan about Haney.

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