Ryan Garcia Claims He Had Gervonta Davis Shook: “He Had the Most Scared Face”

By Jeepers Isaac - 03/10/2024 - Comments

Ryan says he had Gervonta Davis hurt, looking scared in the second round of their encounter last April. Garcia feels that he “almost pulled it off,” coming close to stopping Tank Davis, and thinks it’ll be different in a rematch at 140 without a rehydration clause that weakens him like last time.

Ryan still needs to defeat WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney in their fight on April 20th on DAZN PPV. Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) is the favorite to win that fight, but you never know.

With Ryan’s power and hand speed, he could score an upset. With a win over Devin, Ryan will be on top of the world, especially if it’s a highlight reel knockout.

With a victory over Haney and the WBC title in the 25-year-old Ryan’s possession, he wouldn’t need to agree to Tank’s strength-draining weight stipulations for the rematch to happen.

Garcia Recalls Davis’ Taunts

“I almost pulled it off in the second round when I hurt him. He was running and holding me. He had the most scared face I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Ryan Garcia on social media, talking about his fight against Gervonta Davis when he hurt him in round two.

“He didn’t even try to pretend to hug me. He ran to me and almost grabbed my knee. And on top of it, he told me word for word, ‘If I drop you like Luke Campbell, I’m going to go stop you,'” Ryan continued about Tank Davis.

It’s too bad Ryan didn’t go for the finish when he had Tank hurt because the fight got out of hand quickly after the second round, and it was all downhill for Kingry until he quit in the seventh.

“You can go back and look at his interviews. ‘If I hit you with that shot, you’re not getting up.’ One, I got up, and he didn’t take a step forward when he dropped me. Did you notice that because he knew what it was?

140-lb Challenge Renewed

“He knows what it is. 140, let’s run it. I don’t got to say it anymore. Gervonta, come see me. 140, let’s do it straight up. No rehydration clause, none of it. When I beat Devin Haney, I’m ready to run it with you right after that,” said Garcia.

Tank could take Ryan up on the challenge if he gets past Haney because his options at 135 are slim. The Baltimore native doesn’t want to fight Shakur Stevenson or Vasily Lomachenko. He probably won’t fight either William Zepeda, Keyshawn Davis, Andy Cruz, or Raymond Muratalla.