Ryan Garcia And George Kambosos Jr Get Into It: “Let’s Have A Street Fight, F**k The Ring!”

By James Slater - 05/13/2024 - Comments

Just who hasn’t Ryan Garcia wanted to fight or who hasn’t “KingRy” got into a heated debate with just lately? Garcia has swapped insults with Errol Spence, with Conor Benn, with Devin Haney, and now with George Kambosos Jr. And this one has got really nasty. Garcia, still battling to clear his name following his failed drugs test – Garcia claiming to have been set up – took to X to insult Kambsos just after the Australian warrior had been stopped by the superb Vasiliy Lomachenko (let’s see if, or when, Garcia starts slinging insults Loma’s way).

Garcia wrote how Kambosos “sucks,” and former unified lightweight champ Kambosos fired back.

“Won more belts than you’ll ever win, princess, the clean way,” Kambosos wrote. “Cheating dog, I’d rather go out on my shield against the best and lose like a man than cheat with weight advantages and enhancements like you did. Let’s have a street fight then, f**k the ring!! Use all the needles you want.”

Garcia, along with making some disgusting comments about Kambosos’ wife (comments that will not be shared here), stated how he would “KO you in less than 5 rounds” – “The truth is truth. And the truth hurts,” Garcia wrote.

And back and forth the two went, with Kambosos signing off (for now) by stating how Garcia is “dead” if he ever sees him in person.

Could this fight actually happen one day down the road? Maybe. Would Garcia be brave enough to go down under for the fight? Maybe. But first, Garcia needs to see where his future lies in the sport as far as potential bans pertaining to his drugs tests. And Kambosos needs a good rest after the hammering he took from Lomachenko.

There was a time when trash-talk used to be fun. These days, there is no apparent limit to the crassness and the vulgarity that springs forth. Garcia really should lay off X for a good long while. But of course, he won’t.

As for the ever-classy Loma, he spoke with respect when talking about Kambosos, “I appreciate my opponent, George, they’re a team, a top team,” Loma said.

There are still some classy, respectful fighters out there.