Pacquiao Should Not Return This Year Says Arum

For many fight fans, May 2nd, the rotator cuff saga and the ensuing controversy now seems something of a distant memory, so much has happened since.

With Floyd Mayweather making plans for September, the future of Manny Pacquiao is still relatively uncertain – yet in his latest chat with fighthubtv, the Filipino star’s promoter Bob Arum has offered his two pennies worth on the situation surrounding his fighter – reaffirming his belief that while it is now ‘possible’ Pacquiao could make a ring return later this year – as promoter, it’s something he would advise against.

He said;

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“Manny is still recuperating. He’s supposed to come here in the next 2 weeks for Dr. ElAttrache to examine him. And then to start rehabilitation.”

In terms of the recovery time, Arum was keen not to say anything too ‘concrete’, yet was sure of one thing – and that’s any return for Pacquiao should be on hold until 2016.

“I’m not a doctor and I don’t want to say the wrong thing – and every athlete is different. So, is it possible he could fight by the end of this year? – It’s possible. Is it wise? – my gut is no, wait ’till next year – but I’m not a doctor.”

Arum went on to say that despite his injury concerns, Manny is in ‘tremendous’ spirits and that he still believes he won the fight with Mayweather. Bob, naturally, agrees;

“He (Manny) knew with both shoulders, he would have won easy. I’ve watched that fight over and over again – and without being biased, in addition to the 4 rounds the judges gave him, I gave him the 2nd. I don’t see how they could have taken the 2nd round away from him. And (giving him) the last round would have made it a draw.”

If Floyd does go for the 50-0 as many expect. Will we see the return in 2016?

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It’s certainly a possibility.

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