De La Hoya tells Canelo Alvarez: “I’m coming for you, will f***g knock your a** out!”

Oscar De La Hoya looked angry on Tuesday as he sent a warning to Canelo Alvarez on social media, telling him, “I’m coming for your a** hahaha.” oscar added that he’s going to knock Canelo out.

De La Hoya’s facial expression and tone were like a man possessed. He wants to get Canelo in the ring so he can thrash him.

De La Hoya, 47, is upset the superstar Canelo (56-1-2, 38 KOs) after having been verbally trashed by him in a scathing interview last month with Graham Bensinger.

To say that Canelo made De La Hoya look bad in that interview is an understatement. Canelo portrayed De La Hoya as a totally useless person.

Canelo took a no holds bar approach to letting the fans know what he thought of his ex-promoter De La Hoya, saying that he does nothing with Golden Boy, only focusing on drinking.

“F**k you, talking all that sh**,” said De La Hoya on social media in reacting to Canelo. “I’ll f**king knock your a** out. I’m coming for your a** hahaha.

“And that’s how you throw punches,” said De La Hoya in showing Canelo how to throw shots. “Balanced power and speed.

“Wait 12 more pounds and to more months,” said De La Hoya.

The former six-division world champion De La Hoya sounded like a gangster on Tuesday during his social media post, nothing like the polite Golden Boy promoter he’s been since he hung up his gloves in 2008.

Whether De La Hoya has always had that persona lurking underneath the surface of his well-mannered exterior is the big question.

If so, De La Hoya has done an acting job all these years to keep his real self disguised so that the fans couldn’t see him as he really is.

We don’t know the true rationale for De La Hoya calling out Canelo, who is in the zenith of his career at 30.

Is De La Hoya in need of money for his Golden Boy Promotions company, or does he have personal reasons for wanting to fight Canelo? Is it jealousy?

Canelo’s popularity has got to be hard for De La Hoya to take, knowing that he at one time was in his place, adored by millions of boxing fans in the U.S as the ‘Golden Boy.’

Now we’ll have to see if Canelo Alvarez indulges De La Hoya, giving him the fight that he so badly wants right now.

It’s difficult to imagine Canelo agreeing to fight De La Hoya because he would receive scorn from boxing fans, which would put him in the same boat with Floyd Mayweather Jr with his celebrity matches.

Mayweather fought YouTuber Logan Paul last Sunday in a circus event on Showtime PPV. It was sad to see what has become of Mayweather, taking on a celebrity in an exhibition match and selling it to the fans.