One-on- One with WBU World Champion Marselles Brown

Known as “More Than A Conqueror” in more than one way, Quenton Marselles Brown Sr. aka Marselles Brown (31- 18, 25 KOs) is a 7 foot tall professional athlete and health-wellness expert who’s recently come out of retirement for a title fight. Currently Brown is the 2016 WBU World Champion, the 2015 WBU C.A.M. Heavyweight Champion as well as a member of the Hawaii State Boxing Commission Board.

Brown has had his share of struggles with bad managing and promoters over the past 8 years. Brown seems to have worked past that and has build a team of winners around him. “I haven’t had any problems working with Marselles. This desert heat is awful but not a problem for him, it’s the pollen. He’s been having allergy infections and it’s been bad for him. The biggest challenge we face is the lack of opponents and good sparring. There’s nobody like him around. I can’t find anyone to spar with him properly, once he gets mad he’s knocking everybody out,” said Brown’s sponsor Jay Gabriel Jara.

“Now that I have won this fight, my plans are to probably go abroad and fight a couple of contenders to put me in contentions to fight Donte Wilder or Lucas Ortiz,” said Brown. Jara plans as well are to keep him in shape and defend his title within six weeks. “Right now future prospects include Chauncey Weaver or Bronco Billy. We’re taking all the old guys on, yeah we are going to make sure they retire and hopefully get to Klitchko or Tyson Furry,” said Jara.

Brown has been working close with life and mindset coach Ray Johnston from Hawaii, who is coaching Brown to help develop him into a well rounded and focused fighter. “I want Marselles to stay calm, to relax and to breathe, and to stay focused. One thing I found out in sports performance especially is when you get tense, when you get too nervous or when you get too over anxious, your muscles contract. It affects your speed, it makes you tired. So the more relaxed he is the more energy he will conserve and the more energy he will have to pull his punches,” said Johnston.

Brown’s most prized accomplishment is his children who have been seasoned to follow in their dad’s successful pattern in athletics. Brown’s youngest son, Jaylen Brown from Cal State University, was recently in the 2016 NBA Draft and accepted to the Boston Celtics in the first round, guaranteeing him a contract and promising career in the NBA. Brown is looking for his oldest son, Quenton Brown Jr., to be drafted to the NFL soon.

“My main motivation for coming out of retirement was to show my kids that I never gave up on my dreams. So I didn’t want them to give up on theirs. I am extremely proud of both my sons. I am especially proud of Jaylen. He is an extraordinary athlete and very smart, he’s even planning to go to Harvard next year, so I am extremely proud of both my sons, really. The only advice I could give them when entering into the professional arena, they are going to be in for a rude awakening. They are going to see how nasty the entertainment industry really is. I want them to know to stay on course and don’t let anybody distract them and they’ll be just fine,” said Brown.

Brown has been training at Boxing Pros Inc. in Henderson, NV that is owned and operated by Lloyd Wright. The gym was originally opened for Chad Dawson, but of all the athletes to come and go, Brown has impressed him the most. Even though the gym is open to the public, Brown has been renting it out and working towards his goal every day.

“In the last three years, we’ve seen so many people come and go. They all have these dreams, but the big guy I’ll tell you, he’s in here every day, relentlessly. Teams may fall apart but he’s still here pushing and making it happen. I’ve been a gym owner for 30 years and I got to give it to this guy, he’s got some determination, probably the most I’ve seen out of anybody that’s ever walked through the door,” said Wright.