Oleksandr Usyk “Crybabies” To The Referee In Fights, Says Fury Promoter

By James Slater - 02/11/2024 - Comments

As fight fans know, the big (now even bigger then ever) heavyweight unification showdown between rival champions Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk has a new date of May 18, this the third official date for the four-belt clash. Plenty of people do have doubts the fight will actually happen on May 18 – Fury’s cut eye still the subject of conspiracy theories, with some people wondering if A, the cut heals in time B, if Fury “really wants the fight with Usyk,” and C, if the cut was actually self-inflicted!

But being positive, we must look ahead and hope the various theories are not valid and that the fight will indeed go ahead this time. If it doesn’t happen this time, then to heck with it, Fury-Usyk will almost certainly be confined to doomed status.

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As we look forward to the fight, or at least try to do so, Fury’s co-trainer Frank Warren has had a dig at Usyk, with him stating on Sky Sports’ Toe2Toe podcast that the Ukrainian southpaw is a “crybaby” in fights, Warren saying how Usyk “crybabies to the referee.”

As an example of this, Warren points to the Usyk-Daniel Dubois fight, and THAT body shot/low blow incident (this subject proving to bring up as much debate as the Fury cut – was it low or was it not low back in August of last year when Usyk fought Dubois)?)

Warren has called for a “strong” referee to work the May 18 fight.

“He has previous for complaining and moaning when he gets caught to the body,” Warren said of Usyk. “Now he’s in there with a guy who is the master of taking advantage of any weakness. He does it a lot Usyk, he ‘crybabies’ to the ref. He’s had previous for it about body shots. As long as the referee’s strong in that I’m really happy and I’m even more confident in Tyson in this fight than I was prior to [Usyk] fighting Daniel Dubois.”

Some fans do agree with Warren, that Usyk did make a real meal of that body shot/low blow in the Dubois fight, but that incident aside, has Usyk ever been guilty of being a fighter who “crybabies” to the third man in the ring? Can YOU point to an example of this on the part of Usyk? I can’t.

Maybe we should take from Warren’s comments the very real notion that Fury’s game plan will consist of plenty of rough stuff, with of course a lot of work to the body in mind. But whether or not Fury will be able to catch Usyk, and whether or not he will be able to hold him in place long enough to land body shots, this as he tries to rough Usyk up, well, this is another big question fans and experts are asking ahead of this fight.

But has Warren gone too far in calling Usyk a “crybaby?”

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