Oleg Maskaev talks Povetkin vs. Klitschko

Oleg Maskaev has been in boxing for quite some time, and is one of the very few seasoned Russian heavyweight champions in the recent past. In a recent interview he talked about Alexander Povetkin vs. Wladimir Klitschko, and had said some very interesting things.

When asked to describe the fight he envisions and what advice he would give if he were the trainer in that fight, Maskaev painted the following picture:

“First of all I want to say that if needed, I will be in Alexander’s corner. I would advise Povetkin to work on his speed, and use that to gain the advantage. He should constantly put on pressure, not paying much attention to Wladimir’s extended arm. Also he should avoid Wladimir’s combinations of straight right followed by a left hook, defend well and move his head. In my opinion, they key to victory, is to cause your opponent physical pain: Alexander needs to learn how to cause pain, morally break his opponents, and make his opponent lose balance every time he hits them. This would be the only way to tire out Klitschko. Otherwise Wladimir will accomplish his goal of walking around the ring like a man with a rifle, constantly firing from it, until he hits his target.”

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I agree that the only way Povetkin could possibly get to Wladimir and land any decent shots is to be able to get past the jab via pivoting and head motion. Otherwise, as Maskaev mentioned, Wladimir will do what he does best: fire the jab until Povetkin loses hope and abandons his strategy.

When it comes to causing pain and throwing Wladimir off balance, it all ties in to the fact that Povetkin needs to reach him, getting on the inside. Truth be told, I think that Wladimir’s footwork will be the main ingredient in this fight. His jab will prevent Povetkin from getting too comfortable, and his foot work will ensure that he is moving back enough to avoid Povetkin from closing the distance.

I am sure there are still numerous roadblocks to this fight, but am confident it will finally take place this year.

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