November 12 pencilled in for Horn vs Pacquiao II

The eagerly awaited return fight between welterweights Jeff Horn and Manny Pacquiao is “almost there,” according to Top Rank boss Bob Arum. Ever since the July 2 win scored by big underdog Horn, fight fans, and Pacquiao and Horn himself have wanted the rematch.

Horn wants it to prove his upset decision win, derided by many as a bad decision, was no fluke. Pac Man wants it because he wants revenge. The fans want it because the first fight was so good. Now Arum says all signs point to November 12, once again in Brisbane, Australia (Arum had earlier said it would simply be too hot to fight in Australia at this time of year, but there are plans for a canopy to be put in place which will protect both the ring and the first ten rows of seats from the blistering heat).

Arum says that no deal has yet been made, but that “Manny is on board.” One big factor in getting the fight made is the break Manny needs from his Senate duties so as to be able to train properly (he may have cut corners ahead of the first fight and will not want to do so again in light of what happened). The Senate breaks from October 14 to November 12, so in theory the 38 year old great would have four final weeks of training undisturbed.

Horn has urged everyone involved to get on with things and get the rematch signed ASAP. The WBO welterweight champ is anxious to prove his worth with a second victory over the all-time great, one he hopes will forever silence those critics who said the decision in the first fight was an unjust one.

Horn insists he can do even better in a second fight, maybe even stop Pac Man. Pacquiao also aims to fight a wholly different fight in the sequel. If things go as planned, Australia could soon be hosting yet another “Fight of The Century.” Another huge crowd in excess of 50,000 can be expected for Horn Vs. Pacquiao II.