Newark’s Alex “ The Bullet” Perez at Schuetzen Park, North Bergen, NJ on April 13th

This past week Newark’s Alex “The Bullet” Perez took time from his preparations for his April 13th comeback bout against Kenny Abril for a Q & A interview. The fight is scheduled for 8 rounds as the semi-main event at Schuetzen Park, North Bergen, NJ. Alex is a tall rangy southpaw welterweight with a 16 (9) -1 -0 record. He has sparred with world class fighters such as Miguel Cotto, Sergio Martinez, and Felix Strum. Alex made his pro debut in December 2004 with a first round knockout at the 2:53 mark. He seemed to be off to a great start and a promising career. But shortly after his first professional fight he was the victim of two gunshot wounds in a street altercation not of his making.

With the determination of a world class fighter he made his way back from intensive care and rehabilitation to return to the ring and stop his next opponent in 36 seconds. It appeared as is Perez’s career was back on track and heading in the right direction. Over the following two years, the southpaw compiled a record of 9-0 with 5 KOs’ and was nicknamed “The Brick City Bullet” by his friend from the gym, Danny Serratelli a well-known local lawyer. Alex’s career was hit with another unexpected obstacle; his long-time trainer Jose Rosario learned that his wife was suffering with cancer. Alex’s loyalty to trainer Rosario kept him out of the out of the ring for months. Despite the layoff he returned and fought for the WBC Caribbean Boxing Federation welterweight title in the first 10 rounder of his career. He won by wide margins on all three cards. Alex seemed back on the way up.

Once again Perez had triumph then another possible career ending obstacle. In the middle of the night the Newark police show up to arrest him for armed robbery. The case hung over Perez for 8 months. It was due to the “pro-bono” efforts of his friend lawyer-Danny Serrateli that all charges were dropped. Once again Alex Perez had to pick himself up by his bootstraps and start anew. Perez racked up 6 good wins in a row and was again at the cusp of being a major name in the sport.

At this point Alex’s star was rising; he was undefeated and was making his HBO debut against Canadian welterweight Antonin Decarie. Perez was the odds favorite. In a shocker he was stopped at 2:54 of the sixth round of the opening bout of an HBO Boxing After Dark. Now once again Alex “The Bullet” Perez finds himself in the position of having to again pull himself up from adversity. He will seek to do this Saturday April 13th Schuetzen Park, North Bergen, NJ against Abril.

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Alex graciously shares information about his career, life, and future aspirations as follows:

Q-Tell me about what got you started boxing in the amateurs-How old were you? Who, what, or why started you?
A-My mother took me because I was being a little wild and street fighting. She said if this is what you want to do I’ve have something for you so when I was around seven or eight she took me to the gym and I fell in love with the sport.

Q-Your amateur career was rather short. What or who motivated you to go pro?
A-I was like on and off in the amateurs. And honestly, I did get caught up in the streets for a little bit. Then I had my first son and everything changed I focused on my family and God and just made it happen.

Q-After the shooting in 2004-did you ever think the boxing career was over?
A-As soon as it happened yes. Yes I thought it was over. I even took a shot in my wrist. But I thank God the man upstairs. It was just a lesson learned and it made me stronger. It motivated me to put forth more.

Q-Next when your trainer Jose Rosaio’s wife was ill and he had to take time to care for her. How did that affect you? Did you think it was over?
A-No not at all I have my family that I count on I just focused. While he was going through his rough time I pushed forward for him. What it comes down to is the only person in the ring is me.

Q-Then a third setback an arrest on robbery and assault—in which ALL CHARGES were dropped-did you think your career was over then?
A-Yeah, when it first happened I did. But I got on my knees every night in that cell and just prayed to God that I would be there for my family and my kids. I prayed to God and God came through for me as always.

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Q-Danny Serratelli “The Fighting Lawyer” was your attorney who you also know personally. Tell me about your personal and professional relationship with Danny .
A-Danny and I came up together in the amateurs the same gym so that’s how that came about. In the amateurs we became close friends. And then he had become a lawyer and when I had my problems he took on the job. Thank God he was successful in getting the charges dropped.

Q-You turned pro in 2004-you were 22 years old-weighed 152 lbs. You are now 30-your last fight you came in 147. Tell me a bit of how you have maintained weight as you get older? Your training routine? Do you ever see yourself moving up in weight?
A-Actually in my pro debut I was 147. How I maintain it is that as you get older you train harder. It’s more being wiser then back I was eating whatever I wanted at any time I wanted. Right now I’m on a strict diet. I eat real good nothing but healthy stuff. I drink a lot of water, I love juice. I drink a lot of water and I cut up at the gym.

Q-In 2009 you won WBC Caribbean Boxing Federation Title. Now they have someone else listed as that title holder-you never lost-what happened?
A-I have no idea. Nobody ever wanted to challenge me formally when I had the title. They vacated it or something. They would call asking when we want to defend but nobody would ever take us.

Q-After 16 straight wins, you suffered your first loss last year in September to Antonin Decarie. Share your thoughts on how and why. Anything you wish you had done different?
A-I’ll put it like this September 29 was one of the worst days of my life. But it made me stronger. Would I change anything? – no. It was just the will of God. I had caught a stomach virus just after the weigh-in. I was throwing up the whole night before and the whole day up to two hours before the fight. I had never lost before so I didn’t think about losing. Are you focused on what they put in front of me. And I’m focusing on a rematch. I should’ve pulled out of the fight but I was a professional about it. But like I said I never thought about losing it is a lesson learned. If it happened again I would know what to do. My team wanted me to pull out. But on that day was my heart telling me to go forward. I have the heart of a lion and my will is just crazy. I don’t know anybody that has a will like mine. I am always ready to test my will. And that is what made me do what I did but my body gave out after six rounds

Q-You’re coming back against Kenny Abril what are your thoughts?
A-He is a tough fighter. He has been on a winning streak. His last fight he beat like a number five-ranked guy. I want to show everybody that the last fight was not because he was better than me but because I was sick. That’s why I want to take on a real fighter instead of coming back against a dead body. I’m ready to make history I’m trying to make my legacy. And do what I can do for my family. On April 13 we’re going to to what we have to do.

Q-Abril is a southpaw like yourself. Have you trained in any way different for this bout? Any prediction?
A-No I haven’t done anything different beside southpaw sparring.

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Q-Any plans after winning this fight as to future fights to get your name back in the limelight?
A-To be honest with you I have no plans of all. The only plan I have is to get this victory on the 13th and then move forward from there. My only focus right now is Kenny Abril. I’m just going to focus on him. After the fight when I get out of the ring you can come see me and we’ll talk about other things

Q-What do you do outside of boxing?
A-No nothing else I’m a family man. I’m 100% fighter so I just do what I have to do. I train because of my kids and do the best I can do in the gym. I’m training constantly.

Q-Last-open mike, anything you want to say to your family, friends, or fans?
A-I just want to tell all my family. I really have no friends. Because if you’re one of my friends 100% I call you family. So to all of my family I want to say thank you that have been there for me since September 29 I just want to tell you thank you so much I really appreciate all

KEA Boxing is combining with Global Boxing to present “Fight Night at the Park Saturday April 13th, 2013 : Schuetzen Park, North Bergen, NJ

Time: 7:30pm [Doors open at 6:30pm]

The tentative card (subject to change) features:

Juan “The Beast” Rodriquez, Jr., 10-0, 4 KOs vs. Emmanuel Medina 3-3-1, 3 KOs
Alex “Brick City Bullet” Perez, 16-1, 9 KOs vs. Kenny Abril 14-5-1, 7 KOs
Patryk Szymanski, 5-0, 2 KOs vs. David Roman Curiel 3-0-1, 1 KO
Michal “TNT” Chudecki, 4-0, 2 KOs vs. Christian Steele 3-5-0, 1 KO
Joe Cusumano, 6-1, 4 KOs vs Kyle McNutt, 1-1, 1 Kos
Liz Sherman, 4-2, 2 KOs vs Nydia Feliciano, 5-4-3
Anthony Gangemi, 2-0, 2 KOs vs Jose Tiburcio 4-1, 1 KO

Ticket Prices
Stage — $100
Ringside Seating — SOLD OUT!
Reserved Seating — $65
General Admission — $55

Get your tickets online today at or calling (973) 903-2907