Mikey Garcia’s broken schnoz – Critics honking about stoppage!

garcia324By Paul Strauss: Almost before the well-publicized results and televised replay of Miguel Angel “Mikey” Garcia vs Orlando “Siri” Salido fight were made, the discordant honking sounds of the carping, nitpicking twerps surfaced. It permeates the air with the old nonsensical bull shit about quitting. It’s the old testosterone crapola about “going to war” or “he’ll have to kill me” foolishness. The thoroughly whipped Salido had nothing left but to throw in his, “My nose was broken too, but Mexicans don’t quit.”

Good for you Siri. However, if your nose was broken, it came from a punch. You had no choice but to continue, unless you wanted to be TKO’d. There’s no doubt about what caused Mikey’s rerouted smeller. It was a rapidly moving noggin thruster, thrown from the left hook side. There was no wham, only a crunching sound…….skull on bone and cartilage. Damn right is was an “Ouch”! More importantly, it was a foul; albeit accidental according to the generous Mikey.

Accordingly, why should Mikey fight on just to please the raucous, adrenaline high knuckleheads, who would much rather witness a barroom brawl than a picturesque demonstration of the sweet science? Why do some believe Mikey should have provided Salido with an undeserved chance to get back into the fight? Do these few dim bulbs really believe Mikey had a duty to prove to them and their distorted views that he has courage?

Nonsense! Mikey and his brother Robert Garcia ought to be applauded for their good sense in encouraging the doctors and referee to act. Salido was getting whipped and outclassed. It would have been an injustice to allow Salido to try and take advantage of a situation he created by either deliberately or accidentally (you be the judge) fouling his opponent.

Certainly there are a lot of examples where fighters fought on after suffering damage from fouls or illegal blows, but that doesn’t mean it was right, or that good decisions were made. Boxing is not a brawl. There are rules, and those rules should be followed. If the head butt had resulted in a bad cut impairing the fighter’s vision, there would have been no question about the stoppage. However, in this case, the damage was less visible, so somehow these nitwits seem to think the same rules shouldn’t apply. That’s so much nonsense! Mikey and Robert are correct in ignoring the few critics, and in being confident the right decision had been made. Congratulations on the well-deserved victory.