Mike Tyson Turns Down A Whopping $20 Million Offer

If Mike Tyson fights again (against a person, not a shark), chances are big plenty of fans will be uttering how Tyson “needs the money.” This line of thinking often goes hand inn hand with a former champ’s return to the ring. But Tyson is financially secure enough to be able to turn down a whopping, great $20 million offer to fight bare-knuckle.

As per a report from Ringtv.com, the 54 year old was offered the hefty sum by Bare-Knuckle Fighting Championship, yet “Iron Mike” turned it down flat.

“We offered Tyson $20 million and some additional benefits, but he turned it down,” BKFC president David Feldman told Ring. “Who knows what’s going to happen with Mike Tyson? [His management team] said he was going to fight in July already, but then they said he was going to fight in August, so who knows what’s going to happen with him.”

So, if Tyson does need bread, it’s strange that he would turn down such a fortune; even considering how tough a deal a bare-knuckle rumble can be, for a 54 year old all the more so. Tyson got himself back in great physical shape and he said a while back how he wanted to fight in some exhibitions, maybe. Since then, we’ve read article after article telling us what Tyson might do in the ring. Heck, maybe he won’t fight again at all. The most recent short video of Tyson that has been uploaded, in which the former champion is seen sparring, will only add to the belief that he will box again, though.

Tyson has a lot going on to keep him busy, that’s for sure, and if he does fight again, in any capacity, it will be because he genuinely wants to do so; not to earn some much needed cash. Plenty of fans want to see Tyson fight again, plenty of others do not.

According to the Ring article, Tyson never even considered taking a bare-knuckle fight. Not even for such a mind-boggling sum of money. Good for Tyson.