Mike Tyson Provoked By Drunken Jerk On Air Plane Flight, Lets His Hands Go!

04/21/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

There really and truly are some dumb folk walking around. And flying around. Right now, a story involving Mike Tyson is doing the rounds. As first reported by TMZ Sports, Tyson was involved in a physical incident on an airplane last night.

Tyson, who was flying from San Francisco to Florida, was constantly harassed by a fellow passenger who is reported to have been heavily intoxicated and basically would not leave the former heavyweight champ alone.

The young man in question was seated directly behind Tyson and, for reasons only his own drunken mind could possibly understand, he took it upon himself to harass, annoy and provoke Tyson – this after Tyson had kindly taken the time to pose for a selfie with the man and his friend, this before take-off.

Tyson tried to ignore the drunken, we have to say idiot – before he eventually snapped, got up, and let loose with some fast blows to the man’s head.

Bloodied and later reporting the incident to the police – an incident that was clearly started by the “fan,” this judging by the short video which was filmed by another passenger who sat across from Tyson and his tormentor – this jerk, whoever he is, had better thank his lucky stars Tyson did not do him some real and permanent damage.

Some time into the flight, with the man talking non-stop to Tyson – who CLEARLY wanted to be left alone just as many people wish to be left alone and have every right to be left alone whilst taking a commercial flight (no wonder the rich and famous use either first-class or, if they can do so, their own jet to fly!) – “Iron Mike” advised the man to “chill.” But no, this good advice was not taken and Tyson eventually lost his cool; quite understandably.

No, it’s never okay for a person to hit another – just look at all the trouble Will Smith got into recently after giving Chris Rock a slap – but Tyson was harassed for several minutes and plenty of people would have acted exactly the way he did. But of course, not everyone is a former heavyweight champion of the world.

There is no word yet on whether Tyson will face any charges. Let’s hope not. Tyson has been involved in plenty of, shall we say, incidents, over the years, and plenty of them was down to his own behavior. Yet this was not the case here. Check out the video and see for yourself. And also answer honestly – what would YOU have done had you been in Tyson’s place?

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