Mayweather v Pacquiao Exhibition “All Nonsense” Say Team-Pac

“Just Mayweather Using Manny’s Name Again”

As fans may be aware, “retired” superstar Floyd Mayweather recently uploaded a short video in which he told us all he is currently working on a Mayweather-Pacquiao exhibition, to take place in Tokyo, Japan. Floyd, 50-0, told us all to “stay tuned” as he signed off.

But Manny Pacquiao himself has apparently not agreed to any such boxing exhibition. As per a short piece in The Philippine Star, Sean Gibbons, a key member of Team-Pacquiao, stated the talk Floyd has come out with regrading the exhibition is “all nonsense.” While fellow Team-Pac member David Sisson says Mayweather is “just using Manny’s name again.”

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“I don’t know what my brother Floyd is up to,” Gibbons told The Star. “He is definitely up to something. Floyd is Floyd. He goes to the beat of his drum.”

Pac Man himself shot a few clear, no-nonsese words with regards to the so-called exhibition with the man who won a wide yet dull decision over him in the so-called “Fight of the Century” from May of 2015: “Why an exhibition? Make it a real fight,” Pacquiao said.

It seems, though, that 42 year old Mayweather has zero interest in taking a real fight, a real risk. These days, his greatness secure along with his vast fortune, “Money” is content to pick up lare sums by boxing relatively hassle-free exhibitions. Who knows, Manny may have a change of heart and realise that boxing Floyd in an exhibition is better than nothing; that this is the closest he’ll ever get to fighting him again (and maybe Manny would let his hands fly in a very real effort at hurting Mayweather, exhibition or not!)

One thing seems clear, Mayweather is not going to stop making noise any time soon, and he will box further exhibitions in Japan. We just don’t know who the guy in the opposite corner will be.

As for Pacquiao, he seems set to fight again for real sooner rather than later, and names like Danny Garcia and Mikey Garcia have been mentioned as possible opponents.