Marcos Maidana Comeback Back On; El Chino To Face Former Kickboxer In April

11/12/2019 - By James Slater - Comments

It seems Argentine warrior and fan favourite Marcos Maidana cannot shake the desire to have just one more fight. As fans may recall, “El Chino” announced a comeback some months ago, the then 35 year old calling out all manner of big names, his plan to return after his second decision loss to Floyd Mayweather in 2014. but then, the training (and the shifting of weight) proving too tough, the former champ called it off; saying it just wasn’t there, that the desire had gone.

But now, as has been reported by El Eco Deportes, as picked up by Bad Left Hook, Maidana has a return bout all set up. A one-fight deal, you could call it a farewell fight, Maidana, 35-5(31) is scheduled to fight Jorge Acero next April, either on the 4th or the 11th. Reportedly, the fight will be set for just five rounds and will be fought at a catch-weight of around 187 pounds. Now for the really bad news: Acero is 47 years old.

Acero was once, some time ago now, a fine kickboxer but it’s anyone’s guess what he has to offer in the ring at his advanced age; Acero never having had a single boxing match in his life. Of course we have no idea how much Maidana has left at age 36. It is entirely possible this one will turn into something of a farce, a freak-show even. And what if Acero manages to crack an overweight Maidana with a shot, taking him out – how would this affect Maidana’s legacy?

In his prime, in great and exciting fights with Victor Ortiz, Amir Khan, Adrien Broner and Mayweather (who Maidana fought twice, setting himself up for life from a financial position as a result; Maidana really enjoying himself in retirement afterwards, piling on the pounds), Maidana lit up the sport in superb fashion. It is this version of the former super-lightweight and former welterweight champ we fans wish to remember. Not a chubby immitation duking it out with a kickboxer.

Maidana-Acero will be announced on Friday.