Leonard Ellerbe: “Wilder Knocks Fury Out Cold This Time!”

Floyd Mayweather’s right-hand man, Leonard Ellerbe, spoke with IFL TV a few hours ago, and he made a prediction ahead of the third fight (which we may or may not actually see) between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder which might surprise a good many fight fans. Ellerbe says Wilder will “knock Fury out cold this time.”

When asked why (and remember, Wilder took a fearful hiding in the February 2020 rematch with Fury), Ellerbe said we will see a “whole new Deontay Wilder this time.”

“Sugar Hill made some adjustments, they tweaked something [in Fury’s game]. It was a great adjustment. But Wilder can do some things where the advantages are in his favour,” Ellerbe said. “But he’s got to do it from the start. You know, he don’t need to sit back. He definitely don’t need to sit back, because Fury’s a tremendous boxer, especially for his size. But I fully expect, from what I know and, I’m privy to a lot of things that most people aren’t, and there’s a whole new Deontay Wilder that they ain’t seen. And I fully expect him to implement that when they go.”

There is no doubt about it, it would be one amazing heavyweight comeback if Wilder did manage to do what Ellerbe says he will, and knock Fury out, thus avenging his sole pro defeat, in so doing regaining his crown. But can Wilder really do it? The bit Ellerbe said about the “things he’s seen that most people aren’t privy to” is especially intriguing. Wilder has posted just a few snippets of himself training with new coach Malik Scott, and it’s tough to judge if Wilder has made any improvements or not.

Can Wilder really have turned himself into a “whole new Deontay Wilder” at age 35, nearly 36? Can Wilder do what he came close to doing in the 12th and final round of his first fight with Fury, and get the KO win? Ellerbe seems incredibly sure Wilder gets the KO this time. If the third fight actually happens.