Lennox Lewis responds to Wilder’s Tyson claim: I like Wilder’s confidence, but…

Plenty of fight fans have read about Deontay Wilder’s recent claim that he would have beaten – destroyed even – the peak, or near-peak, 1986 version of Mike Tyson. Most, by a large margin, not only disagree with the reigning WBC champ’s claim, but are also offended by it. Such is the ongoing adulation “Iron Mike” is held in, practically no-one is willing to hear such talk.

But Lennox Lewis, a true proven heavyweight great who of course smashed a 2002 version of Tyson, quite likes Wilder’s sheer confidence and self-belief, even if Lewis doesn’t quite go along with Wilder’s prediction.

“I just heard @Bronzebomber said he would destroy a young @Mike Tyson. My thoughts are that it’s easy to talk until u actually get in the ring. I like Wilder but he’s never been in there with someone ferocious who wants to break his ribs with every punch. I don’t see it!” Lewis wrote on social media.

Followed by:

“I like @Bronzebomber’s confidence…u need that to sit atop the heavyweight division…he’s hungry and he shows up in probably best shape in division…but there’s levels to it….and he’s still adding to his arsenal.”

There’s no question, most fans, say around 90-percent of them, feel strongly that the 1986 version of Tyson, with his great speed, balance, inside skills and brutal power, would have bobbed his way in, dipped inside and landed something big on the wild, open target that would so obviously present itself to him in a fight with WILDer. However, it would be far more interesting to hear Lewis talk about what he thinks will happen when Wilder and Anthony Joshua finally get it on.

It’s interesting that Lewis says Wilder “shows up in probably the best shape in [the] division.” Does Lewis feel, as others do, that Joshua is carrying too much weight and is therefore not in as good condition to get through a hard, long fight the way the sleek Wilder is equipped to do? Then again, with AJ and Wilder, the fight could be over in a flash; whoever lands first, etc, etc.

Say one thing about Wilder though – he sure finds creative ways in which to keep his name out there!