Larry Holmes-Gerry Cooney II? The Two Heavyweight Legends Set To Box An Exhibition

Forget the “Geezers at Caesars,” this one would be a heavyweight match-up between two stars with a combined 133 years! And it might happen, in exhibition form. According to a New York Daily News piece, former long-reigning heavyweight champ Larry Holmes will box Gerry Cooney in an exhibition that will see the proceeds go to charity.

Additionally, Lou DiBella will get on board and help promote the event – if Holmes, aged 70, and Cooney, aged 63, pass a thorough physical examination.

“I know it seems like wackadoodle, but they’re not looking to kill each other,” DiBella said of Holmes-Cooney II. “I think these guys want to have some fun and they want another moment with each other in the spotlight. They’ve been talking about it for years.”

Indeed, Cooney – who, after a brave effort, was mercifully stopped in the 13th-round of his challenge of Homes in June of 1982 – has often joked about wanting to get Holmes in the ring again, “so I can kick his ass.” And now it seems the return, by way of exhibition/spectacle (insert your own definition of the projected bout here) will actually take place.

It was a great fight in 1982, one that actually lived up to the almost inconceivable hype – “Black Vs. White,” “Great White Hope” and all the other terrible racial elements handed out in an effort to (successfully) sell the fight. But today, well, who knows. As a piece of fun and nothing more, let’s hope Larry and Gerry can raise some cash for a worthy cause. And lose some weight.

“My wife wants me to get back into shape,” Holmes said with a laugh when speaking with The N.Y Times. “You know how it is, when you get older you get fat.”

Cooney has never got fat, in fact he arguably got into his best shape, mentally and physically, more so the former, when giving up boxing. Who knows why Gerry wants to go back and revisit that hellish house now.

Maybe it’s down to a good cause and nothing else. Good luck to all involved.