Kell Brook Issues Apology: “I Will Seek Help”

By James Slater - 02/02/2023 - Comments

Over the weekend, a video emerged that appeared to show former IBF welterweight champ Kell Brook snorting some white powder and then being visibly affected by the substance people everywhere instantly were led to believe was cocaine. The video was soon shot down as nothing more than a “joke” by Brook’s manager, who spoke with UK tabloid The Sun. Yet now it seems the video is in fact legit, with Brook being moved to take to social media to offer an apology and to also promise his fans and supporters how he will “seek help.”

Brook, who we heard was seriously thinking about returning to the ring this year, this just months after retiring from the ring after scoring his big grudge-match victory over Amir Khan, is another pro boxer who is battling mental health problems.

“I messed up, I hold my hands up & want to apologise to my family, gym friends & fans,” Brook wrote. “It’s no secret that I struggle with mental health & I’m finding retirement really hard. I’m actively seeking the help I need to get me on the right path. Again, I apologise for the hurt I’ve caused.”

The video was filmed at Brook’s house, this while the former champ hosted some kind of party, his wife and kids away at the time. Who filmed Brook and why, and why this individual thought it would be a fun idea to upload it is not known. Shame on this person, whoever he or she is.

Brook is of course far from the first big-name fighter to find retirement a dark and lonely place. Some fighters simply do not know what to do after they hang up the gloves, this being the reason so many comebacks are launched. It seems Brook, who we all hope gets the help he needs (and also distances himself from the kind of “friends” who gave him the white powder, whatever it was, and chose to video him whilst snorting it) will not now be returning to the ring.

Let’s hope Brook can find peace in his retirement.