Keith Thurman Reveals Who He wants next: Ugas, Spence, Crawford, Pacquiao

By Jeepers Isaac - 08/27/2021 - Comments

Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman is casting a wide net in wanting to fight Yordenis Ugas, Errol Spence Jr, Terence Terence Crawford, or Manny Pacquiao for his next fight.

Thurman’s problem is similar to fighters like Mikey Garcia. He wants the big fights, but he doesn’t want to work for them any longer.

While younger fighters are working their tails off trying to earn fights against the elite, Thurman is sitting back just waiting for a fight to fall into his lap like an apple falling from a tree.

Keith aiming high

Thurman thinks that if he calls Pacquiao, Spence, Crawford, or Ugas out often enough, they’ll throw him a bone and give him a fight without having to risk his losing to someone like Vergil Ortiz Jr, Jaron Ennis, or Shawn Porter.

The former WBA/WBC welterweight champion Thurman (29-1, 22 KOs) has watched his stock drop badly from him being viewed as the #1 welterweight on the planet to that of an injury-plagued guy on the downside.

It would certainly help if the 32-year-old Thurman would stop sitting on his backside and start doing for a change, even if it means taking lower-level fringe contenders.

Keith Thurman Reveals Who He wants next: Ugas, Spence, Crawford, Pacquiao

Thurman wanted Ugas

Thurman needs to do something because he’s getting old sitting on the sidelines, talking about how he’s going to return to the ring ‘One of these days.

Keith sounds more like a dreamer than an active fighter, and that’s sad because his career has bottomed out so quickly after getting a taste of great success from 2015 to 2017.

“I heard someone shout out Pacquiao-Thurman 2. I just heard them shout it out,” said Keith Thurman on who he wants to fight in his next contest coming off a 2-year layoff.

“We were trying to get Ugas earlier this year. Thurman-Ugas is a great fight. Thurman-Crawford is a great fight, and Thurman-Spence is a great fight,” said Keith.

What’s interesting is that in the same interview, Thurman was asked why he didn’t attempt to fight Yordenis Ugas for his WBA title, and he said, “The timeline wasn’t right.” 

Thurman looked shifty-eyed when he was asked about Yordenis, and you could see him looking at the exit as if he wanted to end the interview. That question had cornered him, and he appeared not to like the heat that was being put on him.

“If Thurman could fight Thurman, that would be a great fight,” said Thurman. “Look, I don’t know what’s being thrown at me next. I’m here; I’m ready to get back in the ring. I hope it’s exciting.

“If it’s just ‘Let’s get Thurman back for the fans. Let’s get Thurman back in action,‘ and then I have to give you something really exciting in the next quarter.

“If you want the next big pay-per-view fight, Thurman is right here,” said Keith about him wanting to face Spence coming off eye surgery.

19 thoughts on “Keith Thurman Reveals Who He wants next: Ugas, Spence, Crawford, Pacquiao”

  1. Yordenis Ugas is the top man at this time. The king of the hill, the head honcho. He’s a good man. There’s a couple of American fighters that can competently challenge him for supremacy, however you will have to bring a sack lunch because Yordenis Ugas came prepared.

  2. Deontay Wilder vs Tyson 3 in October likely won’t happen because there’s no way fury could ever beat Deontay Wilder without loaded gloves padding removal and steroid use.
    Fear of may prompt the excuse maker to do something to get stripped of the belt again.

  3. Can you believe the famous boxers that go on record saying Deontay Wilder lost fair and square enhancing their careers?

  4. Ugas, two years ago fought Ward to a controversial split decision so he has been a top fighter level and seems to have consistently improved.

  5. Thurman only looking for pay day then run off doing media. Ugas wasnt appealing til now belt n pac win so beating ugas now getting belt back with payday sounds appealing lose still a payday vs the guy ya know boosting ugas resume also

    • Makes sense. Now you have to earn a title shot. Everyone is going to want to knock Yordenis Ugas from grace and glorious authority. Get in line because there are a couple of American fighters out there that can test ,”the new”, Sheriff in town.

  6. Will Tyson duck Deontay Wilder again?
    Is he willing to be sued for millions of dollars.
    Will Dillian Whyte risk being steamrolled by Deontay Wilder when fury runs like a chicken 🐓 again?
    Are UK fans still ashamed of how Anthony Joshua and fury and Whyte run and run and run from Luis Ortiz?

    • I used to be with a girl that was a fighter. When she got angry she wouldn’t think twice about punching me, they hit just as hard as men but you can’t hit them back because she is a female. I had two girls like that, thank God I fired them both, wish I never would have known them.

    • It’s a matter of perspective. You have deontay Wilder getting screwed over and everybody’s acting like it’s a professional wrestling match they didn’t see anything, you got fury is a villain, claiming he wasn’t cheating Deontay Wilder.

    • Liston didn’t have his first fight till he was over thirty. He was 6 ft. 212 lbs. The heavyweights of today are bigger and better than Joe Lewis, Marciano, Dempsey and even Mohamed Ali.
      Boxing was just as crooked. Except they weren’t caught by technologically advanced cameras and exposed worldwide for the criminals that they are.

  7. These fighters or should I say a lot of these fighters need to study the fighters of the 1950′ through the 1980’s when every fighter fought the best and didn’t worry about the other side of the street. All this nonsense and politics damaging the sport about I will fight if I get the bigger percentage of the purse. The money comes with winning so fight the best to see who’s best. If not get out of the business. Sure miss Marvelous Marvin Hagler. He never ducked anyone. A fighters fighter.

    • Sugar ray Leonard sure ducked Roberto Duran for the rematch. Roberto told Don King get me that fight con ese negrito, I am going to kill him. Don told sugar ray Leonard and he refused to fight him.
      Sounds kind of like Deontay Wilder vs fury 3. Maybe fury won’t fight either.

    • Yeah, now ducking is so prevalent it’s frustrating. If a fighter is good, he’ll never get a title shot. When fury cheats again in the trilogy, if the fight is fixed and skewed against Deontay Wilder again, if Deontay Wilder gets victimized by the powers that be again, if it is made to appear that fury won unjustly again, Deontay Wilder will not get a title fight easily. Luis Ortiz probably won’t either.

  8. Asking for 10 million for a Crawford fight is one way for him to stay on the sidelines

    • He wouldn’t give Crawford the time of day when he did have a belt so why would Crawford give it to him now?

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