Joan Guzman: Fractured in his right hand and left knee

By ESB - 12/01/2012 - Comments

Joan Guzman lost yesterday on November 30th at The BB&T Center his unconquered record against the Russian Khabib Allakhverdiev and fall defeated in the judge’s cards by Technical Decision after 8 rounds. At the moment of the detention of the fight for injuries of the Dominican, the judges had his cards in this way; Michael Pernick 75-76: Nelson Vázquez 76-75: Mark Streisand 75-76.

This evening Saturday, December 1st the Joan Guzman team headed by the CEO of Acquinity Sports Gary Jonas, the promoter Henry Rivalta and the trainer German Caicedo and part of the boxer families. They were at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston, Florida, where the Dominican boxer was hospitalized and observed by doctors, and the medical report demonstrated that Guzmán, suffered double break in his right hand and a serious injury in the low part of your left knee (break) which will keep it convalescent for nearly 6 weeks and possibly it is submitted to surgery to solve all these problems.

Guzmán appeared of good fortitude and said convinced “There is Guzman for long time” this does not go to stop me and I will go out of this problem with the help of God and we will be searching another fight for world title. “From the five round I started deoxidizing from myself after not having big challenges from my fights with Ali Funeka, and began to show my boxing, that had Allakhverdiev frustrated and this lead him to incurring in some fouls that were not sanctioned” nevertheless, he made very clear that has no objection on the result and that these injuries prevented him from continuing in a fight that in his opinion, already was starting dominating.

This situation prevented me from continuing in the fight, and the Dominican feels that he do not trump his people “I demonstrated that I had the desire to keep on fighting, but then I could not already support oneself in foot and that forced me to leave this battle but not the war. Guzmán said.

German Caicedo, Mr. Gary Jonas and the promoter Rivalta, they coincide that it is bad spent from the destination it is something that happens inside the boxing. These are things that we cannot measure and less foresee, physical and mentally Guzmán began to fight convinced that he could handle this rival, after the knockdown of the third rounds, Guzmán little by little was opening his boxing and he understand that it turned him into the “Man” of the fight, the injuries were so serious, that we could not demand from him any more, but understand that Guzman did a big effort but felt very proud of his courage and propulsion until the end. Caicedo said.

In the following days, we will inform more about the conditions health of Guzmán and the same boxer assure that soon with the God’s help, after the surgery and recovery of your hand and knee, he will be in conditions to return to the GYM to begin the rehabilitation, and then, to recapture the footpath that they have planned to conquering another world title in 140 pounds.