Is Floyd Mayweather talking up a comeback fight against GGG?

02/25/2016 - By Robert Jackson - Comments

Lately the recently retired Floyd Mayweather Jr. has said in interviews that GGG would be/would’ve been easy work for him if they’d fight/fought.

Prior to this Mayweather always dismissed the Khazakstan fighter as ‘not at his level’.

In this writer’s opinion it’s no coincidence that the Al Haymon advised fighter Dominic Wade will be fighting GGG next. I’m positive Floyd Sr. and Roger will be watching this fight with eagle eyes looking for weaknesses and strategies they can put together, prior to consulting ‘Lil’ Floyd as to whether a fight against GGG is feasible/winnable.

That being said the TMT team will probably be watching Pac/Bradley and Canelo/Khan as well. The winners of these fights will be the ‘names in the hat’ that Money Mayweather draws for his next fight. But let’s not forget Mayweather’s mantra – ‘money’, the fighter that Floyd chooses will have to have the GREATEST chance of crushing him, in order for the fans to shell out their hard earned bucks on a PPV. And IMO this is why Floyd’s all of a sudden talking about GGG, the consensus is that GGG would seriously DAMAGE Floyd should they fight.

If GGG is the most dominant victor amongst the 3-fights prevoulsy mentioned, I wouldn’t be surprised if Floyd comes back to fight him – Floyd could expect another $100M+ payday. And since GGG said he would go down to 154 to fight Mayweather, I expect that Floyd would ask him to shed and additional 2-pounds and weigh-in at 152lbs, similar to his fight with Canelo Alvarez.