Hopkins-Shumenov: Fighter, Media, and Fan Predictions!

By Paul Jones - 04/19/2014 - Comments

By Paul Paparazzi Jones & Justin Jones

Published: April 19, 2014

Eastsideboxing.com surveyed fighters, media members, and fans to get their opinions on the winner of Hopkins vs. Shumenov:

“I always say Bernard [Hopkins], a master technician in the ring. A guy that looks like he can do it for 50 more years because he hasn’t had any big wars. He takes care of himself. He takes care of his body. So, I think he can do it again….Most importantly, he can [box] for the next 5 or 10 years because he’s not a guy that started his career like a lot of people at age 5, 10, and 11. His career started at a late time so, for him boxing, he’s a 20 year-old kid now.”

Mark “Too Sharp” Johnson, International Boxing Hall of Famer

“I don’t know much about [Shumenov]. I just know I’m a Bernard Hopkins fan and I’m going to be pulling for Bernard the whole way.”

Lamont Peterson, IBF Jr. Welterweight World Champion

“It’s going to be a tough fight, but I can’t go against Bernard ˈThe Alienˈ Hopkins. He’s out lived his own name ˈThe Executioner.ˈ I think it’s going to go 12 rounds. It’s going to be nasty and rough and both guys will probably hit the ground without it being counted as knockdowns. But in the end, Bernard will come up victorious. However an upset could be in the making.”

Brother Sharif Salim, Manager, Team Seth Mitchell

“I won’t bet against Hopkins until he’s lying flat on his back on the canvas.”

Dan Rafael, Boxing Writer/Television Commentator, @danrafaelespn

“If [Shumenov] can focus like he says he is, then he’s got a shot. But Hopkins is really on his game [and] he just came off a dog fight against Karo Murat (25-2-1, 15 KOs), who tried to just completely disrespect him and make him look old. And [Bernard] didn’t look old. [Hopkins] reverted back to his youth as he’s done several times. One guy who was successful in being physical, and it resulted in a disqualification and he subsequently beat [Hopkins], was Chad Dawson (31-3, 17 KOs). So you had two different sides of the coin. With Chad Dawson it was somewhat effective. He got a win out of it. Karo Murat lost. We’ll see whether Beibut Shumenov can incorporate some combination of both. That’s what he’s going to have to do against Hopkins, because Hopkins is going to bring it.”

Lem Satterfield, Boxing Writer, The Ring Magazine & RingTV.com

“Bernard Hopkins has had more title defenses than Beibut Shumenov has had pro fights. And while there is a tremendous age difference, [with] Hopkins at 49 years old, I just don’t know if Shumenov is the guy to make Hopkins act his age. Of course people can age overnight, but I feel like the intelligence of Hopkins and his trainer Naazim Richardson are a lot more than Shumenov—who is a smart guy and doesn’t have a full-time trainer. So I think Hopkins by decision, although I do think that Shumenov will make him work for it.”

David P. Greisman, Boxing Writer, The Ring Magaziner


“It’s hard for me to pick a guy who’s only had 15 fights against a guy like Hopkins who really [hasn’t] been hit that much in his whole career. He’s 49 years old as we all know, but I don’t think a guy with a lack of experience like Shumenov can do anything to Hopkins. I don’t think he can hit [Bernard] cleanly. Now can Hopkins make a mistake and possibly get caught? Yes. But, he doesn’t seem to make those kinds of mistakes. [Bernard] rolls with punches, he clinches when he has to. And [Hopkins] has a lot of angles with him and he can still crack at this age a little bit. So, I don’t really see a way that Shumenov can win.”

Ron Harris, DC Boxing Examiner, examiner.com

“There are two boxers that I never go against. One is Floyd Mayweather Jr., the other is Bernard Hopkins. I think that Hopkins is just too crafty. He’ll take Shumenov places that he’s never been before. And until [Hopkins] becomes old or decides to retire, I can’t go against him.”

Gary Digital Williams, Boxing Writer, Boxing Along The BELTWAY


“B-Hop won’t be able to do the same things against Shumenov that he’s used to doing, because Shumenov is also very quick and won’t be there like Hopkins’ past foes. Fight fans will be surprised Saturday night!”

Robert J., Boxing Fan

The Authors’Picks: “Paparazzi” Jones foresees a tough fight for Hopkins, but one that The Alien will pull out by a close, albeit unanimous, decision. Justin also likes Bhops to outpoint Shumenov.

Most of those polled by ESB picked Hopkins to win, while one respondent leaned toward Shumenov.


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