Heavyweight contender Trey Lippe-Morrison in action tonight: My whole following is because of my dad

Tonight on the Gilberto Ramirez-Roamer Alexis-Angulo super-middleweight title fight card, 28 year old Trey Lippe-Morrison will be in action. Son of the late Tommy Morrison, Lippe-Morrison, 14-0(14) will face sometimes-tricky journeyman Byron Polley.

Working with new trainer Craig Blacklock, Morrison says he is looking forward to putting on a show that will both impress fight fans and make them want to see more of him. Morrison is a name and it is largely because of who his famous dad was. Speaking with The Kansas City Star, Morrison said he fully understands the power of his surname.

“My whole following is because of my dad, I understand that, no doubt. Without him, I wouldn’t be who I was, or who I am now,” Morrison said yesterday. “I want to be my own fighter. I want to develop stuff for myself, be myself. I want to excite you all. I want to put on a good show. I really want to be ready for it, excite you all, bring the type of level he [my dad] brought.”

Morrison obviously has some pretty big shoes to fill but he appears to have the soul, as in the boxing soul. Starting off as a pro back in February of 2014, Morrison – who has a strikingly similar build to his late father, and so far it seems, some of his punching power – has not have too much TV exposure. This will change tonight as he appears on the big card. Polley, 30-22-1(13) is, in truth, no great shakes – having been stopped some 19 times – but the 38 year old usually comes to fight and he has been in with plenty of big names.

Morrison, if his timing is right (he has boxed just once since December of 2016) should easily be able to keep his unbeaten record along with his KO streak. At age 28, which is young for a heavyweight contender these days, Morrison has plenty of time in which to emulate his father. Can Morrison add a second world title to the Morrison family name? It should be fun finding out.