Hearn Says It’s His Understanding That Deontay Wilder Has “Pretty Much A Deal In Place” For Joshua Fight

05/18/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

Will heavyweight rivals Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua, former world champions both, really get it on this December in Saudi Arabia? For some time now, this is what we’ve been hearing will happen. The ludicrously wealthy Saudi money men want the fight to happen, and they have the means to make it happen. But is it all just talk?

Well, going by a tweet that was put out today by Michael Benson, there is a good deal of substance to the talk of Joshua and Wilder getting it on – finally – at the end of the year:

“Eddie Hearn has said it’s his understanding that Deontay Wilder has “pretty much a deal in place” with the Saudis for the Anthony Joshua fight in December. He previously said he’s expecting the Saudis to make their formal offer to AJ this week. [@The MacLife]”

So, is it time to get excited? We have of course been “close” to seeing a rumble between Wilder and Joshua before, only for us to all end up disappointed and feeling let down. But this time, with the kind of crazy money that is on the table, it could at last be time. And why shouldn’t Joshua and Wilder fight? Why shouldn’t Wilder and AJ give us what we want? And, say what you will about both former heavyweight champs being past their best, you absolutely know you will watch this guaranteed explosion of a heavyweight shoot out.

The hype machine would get into full swing if this one was signed and sealed, and the fans, be they hardcore or casual, would eat it up. And the guaranteed KO, one way or the other, would come on fight night. It perhaps will not last at all long if it does happen, but Wilder Vs. Joshua will have a great shot at ending via highlight reel knockout.

Let’s see if AJ does receive an official offer from the Saudi people this week, and if Joshua takes them up on it if it does come.