Hearn Asks: “What Is Chris Eubank Jr Doing? Is He Retired?

By James Slater - 09/12/2019 - Comments

As is the case with more than a few of us, promoter Eddie Hearn does not understand why Chris Eubank Junior has failed to keep the momentum going following his career-best win over James DeGale – who Eubank Jr won an impressive decision over back in February of this year. But since then, nothing. Nothing but inactivity (ring-wise, maybe Eubank has been busy and keeping himself sharp with plenty of work behind closed doors in the gym).

Most fighters, after picking up the biggest, most significant win of their career, look to keep things going while they’re hot, but for whatever reason or reasons, Eubank Jr has not done so. Hearn says there is no shortage when it comes to big fights for the Brighton man – telling Sky Sports he could make a fight between Eubank Jr and either Billy Joe Saunders (in what would be a return meeting between the two, Saunders holding a pretty wide decision victory over Eubank Jr) or Callum Smith “today.”

“I don’t know what he’s doing,” Hearn said of Eubank Jr. “Is he retired? He had the best win of his career in February and nobody has seen him since. I don’t know why. Sometimes offers are made but cannot be delivered upon. He probably earns a lot of money as hasn’t had an offer. I could make the Saunders or Smith fight today.”

Eubank Jr, 28-2(21) in there with either Saunders in a rematch or Smith, the man considered by a good deal of fans to be the best in the world at 168 pounds, would be very interesting. Could Eubank Jr avenge the loss to Saunders, his first pro career defeat? A win over Smith would be even bigger for Eubank Jr, and victory there would make believers of some when it comes to the vocal and supremely confident (some would say arrogant) 29 year old’s claims of being the best fighter in the world.

But what is Eubank Jr waiting for? Time waits for no man, fighters especially. It’s getting on for two thirds of a year since Eubank Jr saw action. His career should be moving.