Haye vs Bellew: “Hayemaker” Haye vows to smash “Bellend” Bellew!


As fight fans may have read by now, David Haye and Tony Bellew will meet on March 4 at The O2 in London. A grudge-match between two vocal and exciting fighters who have a history (they sparred, many years ago, with differing versions from both on what transpired), Haye Vs. Bellew is a fight that is all but guaranteed to end by KO, one way or the other.

Bellew, the reigning WBC cruiserweight king, called for this fight – even verbally attacking Haye as the former WBA heavyweight champ sat at ringside as Bellew smashed his friend BJ Flores back in October – and now “Bomber” has got what he wants. Two proven punchers with a combined 44 KO’s going at it, each convinced the win will come as soon as a bomb lands on the other guy’s chin, in front of what will definitely be a sell-out crowd in London – this one will be fun while it lasts.

The build-up will also be fun; in fact it’s already started. Haye has released a promo video shot from inside his gym. Referring to Bellew as “Bellend” Bellew, the former undisputed cruiserweight ruler said he is fired up and ready to “completely destroy” Bellew.

“This is the fight that I want,” Haye said as filmed by The Sport Bible. “This is the fight the fans want because they want to see him get absolutely annihilated. Every time I’m in Liverpool, I get nothing but people saying, ‘knockout that bellend Bellew.’”

An ultra-confident Haye even goes as far as to describe how the fight will end on March 4, telling us in the promo which combination he will use to end the fight.

“Right hand, left hook to the body – he sinks to the floor, I’m the winner,” Haye states.

Of course, Bellew, who insists that he and Haye are roughly the same size, has other ideas. Bellew is convinced it will be his powerful punches that get the job done next year. Haye has to start favourite simply because he is the bigger man (although he will not in any way dwarf Bellew, who stands at 6’3” the same as Haye. Haye hs a longer reach at 78” to 74” for Bellew) and due to the fact that he has more experience at heavyweight. But this fight could simply come down to who lands a hard shot on the chin first.

The upcoming press conference(s) and the possible face-off will certainly entice more fans to buy this fight (set as it is to go out on Sky Box Office). Some may ask if a possible one, two or three round fight such as this is worth paying £16.95 for. But could we possibly, just possibly, be in store for a torrid Hagler-Hearns, or Foreman-Lyle-type slugfest? If we’re really lucky, maybe. More likely, according to some fans, is a Haye-Enzo Maccarinelli replay.