Haney Predicts Post-Fight Apology from Ryan Garcia

By Tim Compton - 04/12/2024 - Comments

Devin Haney predicts Ryan Garcia will be groveling on April 20th after he soundly beats him in their mega-fight at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

It’s kind of weird that WBC light welterweight champion Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) is already scripting Ryan Garci’s post-apology for the trash-talking he did during the build-up to their fight on DAZN PPV.

I think Haney should be the one who apologizes for doing such a bad job of helping Ryan promote the fight by saying the same lines in every interview without coming up with new material.

Ryan has done all the hard work of promoting the fight with his wacky behavior and over-the-top social media posts.

Haney Foresees Forced Compliments

“Ryan Garcia is going to say, ‘I knew you were a great fighter,’ because he knows the level I’m on. He knows what I bring to the table,” said Devin Haney to DAZN Boxing about what he imagines Ryan Garcia saying after he beats him on April 20th.

I think it’s pathetic that Haney is fixated on visualizing Ryan giving him forced compliments after the fight, telling him how great he is, and bowing at his feet to honor him like royalty. That’s just sad.

“He knows what type of fighter I am. I’m going to handicap him of his power like I do,” Haney continued about Ryan. “If I don’t want to get hit, I’m not going to get hit,” said Haney when asked how difficult it’ll be for him to avoid Ryan’s vaunted left hook.

The “I’ll Handicap You” Line

“I’m going to handicap Ryan. He’s going to fight with both arms behind his back,” said Haney. “The respect went out the door, and it’s personal now. He crossed the line. Me and Ryan Garcia never got to talk again. Once he loses and I make an example out of him, he’s going to try and say all that,” said Haney.

Here we go again, with Haney repeating his pathetic “handicap” comment. He’s got to come up with something better than this because he keeps saying it, and it’s already tiresome.

I hate to break this to Haney, but Ryan will land his left hook at some point in the fight, and it will connect with full force. Haney, the chances are, you’re going to feel Ryan’s left hook.

Haney doesn’t have enough power to knock out Ryan before he lands his signature punch, and he can’t afford to run around the ring, imitating Shakur Stevenson without damaging his career.

So it’s just going to come down to whether Haney’s chin is good enough to take Ryan’s power smash. If he can’t, we’ll have a new WBC light welterweight champion on April 20th.

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