Guillermo Rigondeaux takes shot at “ducker” Carl Frampton

Like him and his fighting style or not, there is one thing Cuban stylist Guillermo Rigondeaux could never be referred to as, and that’s a “ducker” or a “cherry picker.” This much is clear from the very fact that the former super-bantamweight champ has agreed to move up not one but two weight divisions to challenge WBO super-featherweight ruler Vasyl Lomachenko on December 9.

But “El Chacal” has taken another dig at Ireland’s Carl Frampton and called “The Jackal” a ducker. Taking to social media, Rigondeaux, 17-0(11) expressed his exasperation over the fact that Frampton, with such a proud and loyal fan-base, can be “a ducker.”

“How can you be a ducker with fans like these? I seriously don’t understand. Fans like these deserve that you fight whoever and risk everything you got to be the best. Just my opinion. #Dec9. (Irish) fans I am coming for you all! Watch me on @boxnationtv drinking as many [pints] as u want,” Rigondeaux wrote.

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The unbeaten Cuban lefty was impressed with the passionate and raucous fans Frampton had supporting him ahead of, during and after his first great fight with Leo Santa Cruz. Rigondeaux may be a touch jealous of Frampton’s fan-base (and let’s face it, as talented as he is, Rigondeaux is far from the most crowd-pleasing fighter on the scene today) but the fact is, back when he was a super-bantamweight himself, Frampton could have, should have fought “Rigo.”

The fact that he didn’t and instead opted to vacate a belt instead of facing Rigondeaux clearly still angers the Cuban. If he can upset the odds and Lomachenko in just over two weeks’ time, Rigondeaux will likely be able to call out just about any fighter he wants, from both the 126 and 130 pound weight divisions.

There is, however, still something of a chance Rigondeaux and Frampton could fight. As Irish Boxing website points out, a featherweight WBSS tournament is a possibility for next year, and both Rigondeaux and Frampton could take part. In an October column for the Sunday Life, Frampton wrote how he, like many of us, feels the WBSS has been a great success and how he would definitely consider a piece of the action if a 126 pound tournament takes place.

So, Frampton, 24-1(14) may still get the opportunity to make Rigondeaux pay for his “ducker” remarks.