Gervonta Davis vacates WBA Super featherweight title

08/28/2021 - By Rob Smith - Comments

Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis has vacated his WBA ‘Super World’ featherweight title, and he could soon be relinquishing one of his two ‘regular’ belts at 135 or 140.

Tank’s vacated WBA ‘Super World’ 140-lb title will now be fought over by WBA ‘regular’ super featherweight champion Roger Gutierrez and interim champ Chris Colbert.

The result of that fight will leave only one WBA champion for the 135-lb title instead of three, which is the way it’s been with the following belts:

  • WBA Super World
  • WBA World AKA ‘regular’
  • WBA Interim

WBA president Gilberto Ramirez told ESPN that Tank Davis (25-0, 24 KOs) vacated his Super featherweight title, and he’s been allowed to temporarily retain his two secondary belts with the WBA at 135 and 140 until after his next fight. He then must give up one of them.

Stephen Espinoza of Showtime says Tank is expected to the ring in December against a still to be determined opponent. Espinoza says Tank, 26, won’t be fighting former WBA/WBC welterweight champion Keith Thurman.

Gervonta Davis vacates WBA Super featherweight title

That was a match that Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe said was a possibility, but apparently, he’s had a chance of mind.

There’s a lot of speculation about which of the two WBA regular titles Tank Davis will choose to keep. If the former three-division world champion Gervonta retains his WBA ‘regular’ 140-lb title, he could soon be required to challenge the ‘Super World’ champion Josh Taylor when the WBA moves to consolidate the belts in the light welterweight division.

If Taylor stays at 140 long enough for the WBA to order him to face Tank Davis, Mayweather Promotions would have a big decision to make. Tank had a lot of trouble in his last fight against the WBA ‘regular’ 140-lb champion Mario Barrios last June before scoring an 11th round knockout. Barrios is nowhere near the talent level of Taylor in this writer’s view.

If Tank can’t dominate a fighter like Barrios, he’ll be over his head against Taylor. Also, staying at 140 would mean that Tank would need to mix with talented fighters like Regis Prograis, Subriel Matias, and Gary Antuanne Russell. Those are guys that could potentially beat Tank, or at the very least, take the best out of him to shorten his career.

Assuming Tank keeps his WBA secondary 135-lb title and vacates his 140-lb strap, he would need to fight these types of fighters at lightweight:

  • Vasily Lomachenko
  • Devin Haney
  • Ryan Garcia
  • Teofimo Lopez
  • Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero.

It’ll look odd if Tank stays at 135 and yet never fights any of those guys. It already looks peculiar that Tank hasn’t fought these guys after moving up to 135 in 2019. The only fight that Tank has had at lightweight is against a hand-picked 40-year-old Yuriorkis Gamboa.

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  1. Tank tank tank tank! Give him real fighters to fight but i forgot he is with mayweather promotions he wont fight no big names coming up but will fight old big names for example he wont fight Teofimio Lopez but im sure he will fight chavez jr, nonito, and other fighters that are almost done so he can make himself feel like he the best. Fight the best to be the best. All i can say he sucks im sure most going to say he is smart in choosing fighters but he still sucks he has not fought a good fighter in my eyes thats why i say he sucks.

  2. Tank has nothing to prove his a hell off a boxer as for Haney his good but no chin if he fights Tank good luck.

  3. I don’t think so , I think tank will definitely beat him in the 11th round , just like the previous fight.

  4. In my humble opinion the only ones mentioned that would give tank problems are Lopez, Loma, and Taylor I think they would take tank to ah new level

  5. Tank has been avoiding Loma for four years now. And Tank’s avoiding Teo and Haney. Taylor would destroy Tank.

    • You guys live in such a fantasy world, tank isn’t avoiding any1 first off, his team has made those decisions for him, just like any other fighters teams do! The last fight at 140 is the first time that tank has picked a fighter & got his way but I see it happening again in the future! Those 3 chumps you named would get lit up by tank, especially haney! Tanks a very skilled fighter, that has many dementions to him, that you haven’t even begun to see, with his power & skills, the sky is the limit for him, as long as he stays focused & trains hard, he will keep knocking mf’s out!!

  6. Tanks has the punching power to beat any 135 or 140 pounder. He’s also a hardened and tough fighter, it will take a really refined boxer to beat Tank and they will have to have a chin and some scrap in them to boot because they will get tested. I think the biggest problem with Tanks is Floyd Mayweather’s pride and ego. In his last fight against Barrios Floyd’s presence outside the ring in Tanks corner was a major distraction and and reeked of a fighter still needing the lime light to stroke his ego.
    It’s also total undermining the trainers in his corner. If Floyd’s wants to be in Tanks corner on fight night then he needs to shed the designer shirts and gold chains and slip on a Team Tank jacket and actually be in his corner. Against the more quality opponents this will have him on trouble.

    • That’s all very true. I thought Floyd hovering was disrespect to Tank’s team. Except that he did light his fire eventually.

    • I agree 👍 that Floyd’s present at ring side made the competition that much more confusing; and shouldn’t be aloud.. a boxer should be trained and coached in the gym .

  7. Most of you guys don’t know what your talking about. How is he avoiding good fighters? And some of y’all are saying an undefeated fighter with only one of his wins not being a knockout…. y’all stupid as hell..

  8. Why does he have to give up his belts while duckers like Temo, Ryan, and the rest get to keep their belts while ducking everyone is this right? Ijs.

  9. I was a skeptic but after he demolished Santa Cruz and TKO’ed Barrios, I am a believer. I don’t think he can continue winning depending on the home run hits, especially with the likes of Loma, Teofimo, and Taylor but I have been surprised. The dude is legit and has power that has staying power up to 140. I’m a fan..

  10. Peace boxing world.. Tank needs to face “Loma” first, if he wins then a fight against Tifomo is all we want.. But before they meet each other,, they both should fight either Haney & Ryan to make there fight “the fight of the decade”..

    • Peace Ozzie & the boxing world! “If” Tank keeps the 135 belt, Temo needs to give Loma a rematch before anything “if” you want to see big money floating around a fight btwn Tank against either Temo or Loma. As far as Garcia goes that’s a L against Tank & a interesting one w/Temo & Haney.

    • Tank better give up that 135 belt if he wants to stay undefeated. Cause he can’t beat anyone mentioned of the 5 guys named in that division (Lomemcheko,Lopez etc.

  11. Gary Antoine Russell will beat tank , he will out box him with the jab will hurt him and the body shot will break tank down tank hasn’t really learned how to use his boxing more so than a toe to toe slugging Russell will not run from he will bring straight to tank from the beginning butt in a different style boxing and hand speed like his older brother Mr.Russell that’s why he ran from him tank was losing his last 2 fights he got lucky again every that no boxing he was frustrated and turned it into a sluggish fight which is his fight game but the Russell brothers will change that either one of the get a hold of that a** for sure


    • Yes sir I’m from Baltimore City and Tank still comes to the city and hangs out and I don’t see him just giving up anything without a fight. To count Tank out up against any fighter is jumping the gun because this man will dig deep to stay on top because he already knows what he has to lose. And hi coming back to the city to visit his family and friends is one thing but if he is in a fight that will put him living back in the city he will fight his ass off so that he doesn’t have to go back to this lifestyle.

    • B more stop it… he’s a trained boxer with with elite skills now. Hardened through life is his natural but bright lights and media is way harder than any city…discrimination throughout from all angles. How about we just watch the entertainment and relax on the hatred…nico Ali to fight tank… folks will say!

  13. I like Tank! He is a power fighter & fun to watch but I don’t kid myself in that he can’t be beat!
    I’d just LOVE to see fights take place between Tank and those listed.
    FYI: Many of you show your lack of intelligence in the way you write with misspelled words & run on sentences, etc.

  14. Josh taylor is a very hi iQ fighter i thank he could give tank the most problems with his slickness and not saying he can beat tank but if he can neutralize tanks power and move around with lateral movement and execute his jab and stay on his toes ,dont try to go toe to toe he can be a real problem that all im saying to be victorious he has to fight a smart intelligent fight he can do it but he tries to fight tank straight up hes going to lose use a little bit of bicyclin if u haft to…..

  15. Facts: Tank needs to step up his level of competition. Period. It’s been time for a while.

    • Until you get there!!!, WTF is ” in two” you get there!! Yea! You must be from B- more!!
      Any fighter can loose, if their heart is not in it.Tank has the heart of a true kid from Baltimore!!

  16. With what I saw in the Barrios fight, Tank would have trouble with all the talented boxers in his weight class. I don’t even think he can face and come out on top of any of these light weight, lomachenko, Nikitani, Commey, Haney and Co. He is just being hyped and Protected and Ryan Garcia

  17. You are a Tank Davis hater! The same can be said about every fighter you mentioned that Tank Davis hasn’t fought! They haven’t fought him either! It’s not like he’s running from them!

    • Gervonta Davis is the real deal I don’t know what that you were last watching but you got to live around her good for Davis he did have any problem he was never threatened he was never hurt I would like to see Josh Taylor I think that would be an easy fight for Davis anybody else that gets in the ring with it take

  18. Tank could improve his offense just a little , and his Defense just a little , he he has enough power to handle all those classes .

    • Adrien Broner” The clown” will run, The only thing he’s done is made a spectacle out of himself!! Clown Prince of Boxing

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