Gennady Golovkin’s Talks With DAZN Reportedly Not Going Too Well: “Nothing Is Imminent”

Will former world middleweight king Gennady Golovkin sign up with DAZN or will he not? According to a source with knowledge of the ongoing talks Triple-G and his team are having with the folks at DAZN, there has been little to no real progress made. According to a short news bit from, the source said the talks are “moving along at it’s continued snail pace,” and that “nothing is imminent.”

Who knows what the problem, or problems are, but Golovkin’s rival Canelo Alvarez signed a massive, big-money deal with DAZN quite quickly and smoothly, and it was thought by many that GGG would also sign up. In fact, it’s been said that if Golovkin doesn’t go with DAZN the big and deciding third fight between he and Canelo won’t happen. As such, fight fans were hoping, and are still hoping, Golovkin does indeed sign a deal with DAZN. But here we are, months on from the time of the initial talks, and nothing.

If he doesn’t go with DAZN, where might Golovkin – for many the best 160 pounder in the world still, despite his draw and decision loss to Canelo – go instead? At age 36, 37 in a matter of days, time is not on Golovkin’s side and he really should be getting his career moving again. Or has Golovkin lost an amount of enthusiasm? Who knows, after being the victim of debatable scoring in the first fight with Canelo, and then again, to a lesser degree, in the return fight, perhaps Golovkin is thinking seriously about calling it a day.

In the eyes of a good number of people – Canelo’s upcoming foe Danny Jacobs among them – Triple-G won both fights against Canelo and should as such still be champion today, and an unbeaten one at that. It wouldn’t be the biggest shock in the world if it turned out that, yes, Golovkin has fallen out of love with his chosen sport. Or maybe Golovkin will eventually sign up with DAZN and it’s simply a case of some super-slow negotiating and nothing more.

We fans want to see Golovkin back in the ring. Since the loss to Canelo, some six months ago now, Canelo has fought once and he has his next fight all set. Golovkin, on the other hand, might be on his way towards having the longest inactive period of his pro career (eight months between fights currently being the longest amount of time Gennady has gone without action).

The clock is ticking and Team-GGG must make a move soon it seems.