Fury – Usyk Fight OFF! Fury Cut In Training!

By James Slater - 02/02/2024 - Comments

The bombshell many fans, critics and sceptics warned us all to prepare for has dropped. The Tyson Fury Vs. Oleksandr Usyk fight, set for Saudi Arabia on February 17, is now OFF. Fury has reportedly suffered a cut in training and the word is the fight will now be targetted for June.

This is of course ghastly news, and fans will almost certainly have some theories on what is going on. This is far from the first time Fury has pulled out of a fight, and the critics, sceptics out there will no doubt suggest, forcefully, that Fury is not really injured, that he merely ate and drank through the Christmas period (as plenty of people said he would) and that he is not in shape and is in need for more time.

Of course there is zero proof of this, and we must take it for real that Fury is indeed cut – how badly we do not know, and we await further details on the matter. But in light of Fury’s past, of his history of pulling out of fights, how do you expect people, a whole lot of them, anyway, to feel?

June is a heck of a long time away, and a four-month postponement is a long one. This will only add to the belief some people have that the Fury-Usyk fight is destined never to actually happen. What’s that line so many folks have been coming out with over recent months – ‘I’ll believe the fight will happen when both guys are in the ring and the bell sounds!’

This is just what many people will be saying right about now.

But again, injuries such as cuts DO happen in training, and we must take Fury and his team at their word. But what happens next is anyone’s guess. Will Usyk look to move on? Would Usyk be able to do so legally? Who was it that inflicted the cut on Fury and just how bad is it? Where is the cut? You will no doubt have many more questions to ask.

But here on a Friday evening in the UK, we fight fans have been dealt some bad, bad news. And plenty of “I told you so” people will be saying, well, they’ll be saying, “I told you so!”

Fury - Usyk Fight OFF! Fury Cut In Training!