Fury, Brook, Khan, Pacquiao: 10 Months Ago They All “Retired” – But Only One Has Stuck

By James Slater - 03/18/2023 - Comments

Retiring from the sport of boxing and sticking to it. It could be seen as one of the hardest things to do. Case (or cases) in point:

10 months ago, four big to absolutely huge names from the sport of boxing announced their retirement. Manny Pacquiao left last summer, after his loss to Yordenis Ugas. Tyson Fury said before and after his crushing win over Dillian Whyte that he was “out.” While bitter rivals Kell Brook and Amir Khan both announced their retirement within days of each other, this after having finally got it on in February of last year.

But you know the old saying in boxing: ‘they always come back.’ And now, less than a year after announcing retirement, all expect Khan are set to fight again or have already fought again. Fury has fought Chisora and he will fight Usyk (we hope), while Pacquiao is in serious talks to fight Conor Benn, who Brook is also seemingly desperate to fight.

That lure of the crowd, of the spotlight, of the fame, of the glory, can be one tough drug to pass up, that much we have seen over the years, with many, many ring comebacks launched. So will Fury, Pacquiao and Brook will all dance again, and might Khan join them?

The Pacquiao comeback might be the most upsetting and disappointing of these three. 44 this December, the all-time great was banking everything on becoming president of the Philippines, the political arena another one Pac Man tried to conquer. Now that his run has ended, Manny has indeed decided to lace ’em up again, for at least one more.

Kell Brook admitted how tough a decision it was to retire. The former welterweight champ was being offered some big fights, yet we are told he deliberately priced himself out because deep down, he didn’t want to fight again – or at least his family didn’t want him to fight again. But Brook looked good and, more importantly, he felt great in his “last” fight, this the stoppage win over Khan. Brook, apparently giving up the partying, is now looking for that date with Benn.

Khan might prove to be the exception as far as this group goes. Khan said the decision to walk away was an easy one to make when he made it. Immensely wealthy and with plenty of projects to keep him busy, Khan does seem to be the most likely to stay retired when it comes to the four men discussed here. Khan has said he is open to the idea of taking exhibition bouts, but other than that it seems Khan will stay good to his word.

But you can never say never in this sport. Lennox Lewis always said boxing is like a drug.