Floyd Mayweather Jr. announces exhibition bout on Feb.20th in Dubai

By Jeff Sorby - 12/31/2021 - Comments

Retired superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. announced on Friday that he plans on returning to the ring on February 20th in an exhibition bout in Dubai.

The 44-year-old Mayweather is continuing with his exhibition bouts, which he makes a lot of money through pay-per-view.

It’s unclear who Mayweather will be fighting, but it’s likely to be someone popular enough for him to hawk the fight to the public. Fans aren’t going to purchase Mayweather’s exhibition fights if he keeps dragging non-boxers into the ring.

At this point, Mayweather is relying on his older fans to purchase his fights because the younger ones have never seen him fight a professional boxer before.

Big business, big business, big business,” said Floyd Mayweather Jr. to the media on Friday in announcing that he plans on fighting exhibitions in Dubai in 2022.

“In 2022 in Dubai, right here. Exhibitions, big business, events in 2022. I’ll see you guys,” said the bearded 44-year-old Mayweather.

Last June, Mayweather fought YouTuber Logan Paul in a successful exhibition match on PPV. Mayweather didn’t look good, and the bout was less than entertaining, thanks to all the clinching that Logan did.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. announces exhibition bout on Feb.20th in Dubai

If Mayweather is going to continue to do exhibition fights and peddle them to the public, he’d be better off fighting boxers rather than celebrities because he’s going to wreck his popularity. Fans will stop purchasing Mayweather’s exhibition bouts if they fail to provide entertainment.

It would be interesting to see Floyd fight some old-timer matches against these fighters:

  • Oscar De La Hoya
  • Felix Trinidad
  • Shane Mosley
  • Fernando Vargas
  • Bernard Hopkins
  • Julian Jackson
  • Winky Wright
  • Joe Calzaghe
  • Carl Froch

It would be fun to see Julian Jackson fight Mayweather in an exhibition. Jackson was known for his one-punch power, and it would be interesting to see if he still has respectable power at 61.

Mayweather has made it clear that he doesn’t want to fight boxers, so he’ll likely rule out a fight against any of the retired fighters.

Unless Mayweather does begin fighting former boxers, he’s going to get diminishing returns because he hasn’t put an entertaining fight for many years.

The last entertaining fight that Mayweather had was his first fight with Marcos Maidana in May 2014. That was the fight that Maidana appeared to beat Mayweather, but the judges gave it to Floyd by a 12 round majority decision.

In Mayweather’s fights after that, he played it safe in winning boring matches against Manny Pacquiao, Maidana, Andre Berto, and Conor McGregor.

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  1. Floyd is your Dad. That’s why you don’t like him. Just tell Daddy your sorry and hell give you back your allowance. Lol

  2. Time and time again, it never cease to amaze me that negative people have a lot to say. Why want one of you negative individuals fight Floyd then prove your point.

  3. Yea mayweather doesnt get much attention..his jealous of all the new fighters.his old and wants to fight to get recognition.but he doesnt want to fight a boxer cuz he knows hel get embaressed again.if you tuber embarrased him.imagine a boxer..go back to your retirement cave nayweather.

  4. Why even write an article if all you intend to do is tear someone down that’s probably doing better in life than the author, and everyone commenting on it. The author and most of the people commenting are angry losers. Find some real success yourselves and you’d see how pathetic all of this is

  5. Floyd Junior made the most money, but he’s not close to being the best ever. Don’t play the race card; race has nothing to do with jack. Ray Robinson, Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns, Wilfred Benitez, Roberto Duran, Aaron Pryor, Alexis Arguello are legends Floyd Junior would never have climbed in the ring with. But this is what Floyd Junior wants is people to talk about him, debate, argue…. It strokes his ego, just like a sponge bath he felt the need to video tape.

    • He has to win against beterbiev. I don’t canrlo will be the same if he fights the Russian fighter.

    • I agree! Maybe by stoppage. However l think he knows better than to rematch a prime Canelo which would break all PPV numbers globally! Especially since both are global icons to the sport of boxing.

    • He’s retire. This is an exhibition, so he can fight whoever he chooses. We have enough hate in the world. More hate is not needed. People who want to support will support.

    • They wouldn’t be able to fight now, they’re in different weight classes. Canelo wouldn’t be able to make 154 he didn’t really make it, always came in at 154.5 or so

  6. In 50 pro fights he got knocked down only once. Shane Mosley if I’m correct, could be wrong as I often am. That’s insane. What’s more insane is what Tyson Fury has just done in his career.

    Best boxers of all time Floyd would be in everybody’s top 3…..FACT

    • He hasn’t ever been knocked out in his profession career! And your on crack if you say he didn’t beat De La Hoya lmao 🤣😂 he beat his ass while Oscar punched air half the fight while missing the other half lmao! MM is the one of the best boxers EVER & definitely best to ever do it in the welterweight Division !! #FACTS

  7. Let’s see a rematch with Miguel Cotto. Everyone would pay to see that. Action packed!

  8. Terrible Article. You know nothing about boxing with that crazy @ss list you put up. Wow

  9. If you stop reporting on “retired” boxers, maybe Floyd Mayweather will crawl under a rock and stop robbing the Public with his non-violence. Yes, he fought boring fights for last 7 years. Included are LOGAN PAUL, some midget kick boxer and a possible decision loss to Oscar (snowflake)
    Stop reporting on Floyd. He Is not entertainment. He has become a thief. Con Man. ….

    • If you think Floyd is a con man, then you to stop watching boxing because all fighters are self promoters and con man, that’s why you buy tickets to see them because they conned you. Have a Happy New Year Sir.

    • Yea floyd just wants attention.cuz so many people around the world saw him not as a great boxer but someone who would run around around ring.and wrestle his opponents.if he ever stood up to box he would get hurt.tgats y he ean around and used grappling techniques..

    • A comment like that can’t possibly be directed at Floyd the boxer; As a boxer he perfected the craft and it was on display every time he stepped into the ring…give credit where it’s due.

    • Goddam still hating on Floyd after retirement ? Your life must be so wretched and filled with misery. Lol

  10. People want to say that Floyd ran or wasn’t entertaining, the main objective in boxing is to hit and not be hit and that’s exactly what he did and did it better than anyone else,his fights may have seemed lackluster to some but to anyone who knows boxing loved watching him fight,he out classed everyone he faced and was never in any danger of losing a fight, he is without a doubt the best ever, but one day there will be another fighter just as good but it may be a long time

    • Why are people stupid in wasting money on this fool, keep making him richer and people are so gullible

  11. Mayweather is a smart black man and I truly love that brother and I appreciate what he gave to boxing. Money Mayweather took chances like knowbody he move up taken on the best and he beat them all. It’s not a fighter in the history of boxing did what money Mayweather did it’s not a fighter in the history of boxing took chances like Mayweather. As a former Drill Sergeant I got a motorvation cadence 1,2,3,4. (1) Floyd money Mayweather (2) Hey money you the best (3) money money money Mayweather (4) that brother don’t take know mess. GO MONEY, GO MONEY, GO MONEY, GO MONEY, BOOM.

    • Mayweather is a black guy? Thanks for informing the public that the greatest boxer in history is a black guy. We were all confused.
      Also, it’s not “it’s not a fighter in history”.. that doesn’t make sense. It’s “THERE’S not a fighter in history.”
      Put those words together how you typed them and see if that makes any sense to the English language.
      “It is not a fighter in history” 🤣

    • Glad to read your post money Mayweather is truly one of boxing’s greatest fighters!!

  12. Really get tired of hearing anything about Floyd Junior. He wouldn’t step in the ring today with Ray Leonard or Tommy Hearns, who both would still take out Floyd Junior.

    • Totaly agree you look back at his fights and you can see he was protected there were several fight he took ass whooping and should have lost and for some too claim he was the greatest is really laughable and to think that because he out pointed canelo he never even came close Mayweather is a joke he should put up or shut up and step back in the ring with canelo if he was easy work

  13. I would love to see Money May fight “Prince Naseem”, that would be a money maker no doubt! Especially in Dubai…they both would be running too the bank after that fight!!!!

  14. Its obvious of the intention behind the article on Mayweather, with the condescending remarks from his beard, his portrayed lackluster performances against top tier opponents, whom he all beat in great performances, talent, ring IQ and skill. Despite this degenerative article, created to kill the character of Mayweather and his attributes to the realm of boxing, the real boxing enthusiasts and those who will gain the love of boxing, will forever rank Mayweathers career as a hall of famer in boxing.

    • He’s saying Canelo only fights nobody’s, but that’s what he did. He lost to Oscar , Maidana In the first fight, . He is not a fighter he is a boring boxer that just looks for the points . He’s own corner though they lost to Oscar.

  15. You are a hateful pos not the author. You better stop now! Never again say that!

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