Fallen Warrior Magomed Abdusalamov’s Story To Be Written In “Motivational Book;” Movie To Follow

Fight fans may have seen the moving, hard to watch ESPN episode of Outside The Lines that focuses on the case of fallen heavyweight warrior Magomed Abdusalamov. Now, a report from Russian news outlet TASS informs us how a “motivational book” is to be written on “Mago” and his brave battle against the injuries he suffered in his brutal fight with Mike Perez back in November of 2013. Also, a Hollywood movie may follow.

As fans familiar with the case know, Abdusalamov lost a ten-round decision to Perez and suffered a terrible brain injury as a result of the punishment he took. Taken to hospital, eventually, (Mago forced to wait some substantial amount of time before being given medical care and attention) the Russian fighter suffered a stroke. As of the present day, Mago is still fighting to regain the basic mental and physical faculties we all take for granted. Mago requires daily care, his family members looking after him.

The new book could be followed by a movie. Mago’s good friend, Surkhay Sungurov spoke with TASS:

“We want to describe the path that’s he’s traveled in a book,” he said. “It will not be an autobigraphical book, but a motivational one. We hope that it serves as motivation for people who are in a difficult situation, and not only in sports. We plan to release a book this year. There are also proposals to make a film in Hollywood.”

Abdusalamov’s story, already well known, deserves to reach as big an audience as possible. The fate this brave fighter suffered is a stark reminder of the perils each and every fighter who has the courage needed to step into the ring faces in every fight. Mago’s incredible willpower and refusal to give in when so badly injured is indeed motivationional stuff.

Mago was an exciting fighter with a most fan-friendly style. A genuine contender closing in on a world title shot before tragedy struck, the southpaw compiled a good 18-0(18) record before losing to Perez at Madison Square Garden in New York. That loss may have ended Mago’s ring career but he has not stopped fighting ever since. Now aged 39, it is to be hoped Mago can live the best possible life he can with the time he has left.