ESPN weights: Stevenson vs. De Los Santos & Navarrete vs. Conceicao

By Will Arons - 11/15/2023 - Comments

Shakur Stevenson weighed 133.8 lbs, and his opponent, knockout artist Edwin De Los Santos, came in at 134.4 pounds on Wednesday at their weigh-in for Thursday night’s fight for the vacant WBC lightweight title at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, live on ESPN+

In the chief support weights, WBO super featherweight champion Emanuel Navarrete weighed 130 lbs, and challenger Robson Conceicao weighed 129.3 lbs.

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The Stevenson vs. De Los Santos & Navarrete vs. Conceicao event will be shown on ESPN, ESPN Deportes & ESPN+ at 10:30 p.m. ET/7:30 p.m. PT.

• Shakur Stevenson 133.8 vs. Edwin De Los Santos 134.3

• Emanuel Navarrete 130 vs. Robson Conceição 129.3

During the face-off today, Shakur (20-0, 10 KOs) trash-talked a smiling De Los Santos (16-1, 14 KOs), trying to get into his head to intimidate him.

Stevenson has been bothered by the quiet confidence of De Los Santos from day one, as this is someone who hasn’t shown fear because he believes in himself.

This is a fight where Shakur must show some aggression and not run from De Los Santos like he’s done with many of his opponents because his fighting style isn’t fan-friendly, and he wants to become a star. He can’t do that if his fights are boring.

“There’s nobody that can beat Shakur Stevenson. Shakur Stevenson is a good, smart fighter, very technical fast, smart. No, I don’t think so. I don’t think De Los Santos can beat Shakur Stevenson,” said Jose Benavidez Sr. to MillCity Boxing.

“No, my respect to De Los Santos. He’s a good fighter, but Shakur is on another level. He’s a good, good fighter. I don’t see anybody beating him.

“As long as he stays focused, dedicated, and hungry, that guy is a world champion with multiple belts. He’s pound-for-pound the best at his weight.”

“Yoshino got in the press conference during fight week. All he kept saying was that I ain’t got no power,” said Shakur Stevenson to Top Rank Boxing. “I think he got a taste of his own medicine.

“When he got in there, he realized that it’s the punches that you don’t see coming. I heard a lot of things where they say that I run around the ring. If you really pay attention to my last four fights, I was standing right in front of all of them dudes, from Jamel [Herring], to [Oscar] Valdez to [Robson] Conceicao. Against Yoshino, I stood in the pocket the entire fight.

“If you say I’m not a finisher, my last four fights were 50% finish. I disagree with them,” said Shakur.

Fighters Weights (kg/lbs) Title/Rounds
Shakur Stevenson vs. Edwin De Los Santos 60.7 kg / 133.8 lbs vs. 60.9 kg / 134.3 lbs Vacant WBC Lightweight, 12 Rounds
Emanuel Navarrete vs. Robson Conceição 59.0 kg / 130 lbs vs. 58.6 kg / 129.3 lbs WBO Junior Lightweight, 12 Rounds
Brian Norman Jr. vs. Quinton Randall 66.4 kg / 146.4 lbs vs. 66.1 kg / 145.8 lbs WBO International Welterweight, 10 Rounds
Floyd Diaz vs. Max Ornelas 53.4 kg / 117.7 lbs vs. 53.5 kg / 117.9 lbs Bantamweight, 8 Rounds
Troy Isley vs. Vladimir Hernandez 72.4 kg / 159.7 lbs vs. 71.1 kg / 156.8 lbs Middleweight, 8 Rounds
Emiliano Fernando Vargas vs. Brandon Mendoza 61.5 kg / 135.6 lbs vs. 61.2 kg / 134.9 lbs Lightweight, 6 Rounds
Jackson Murray vs. Steven Torres 104.6 kg / 230.7 lbs vs. 109.2 kg / 240.7 lbs Heavyweight, 6 Rounds
Abdullah Mason vs. Jose Cardenas 61.0 kg / 134.4 lbs vs. 61.1 kg / 134.6 lbs Lightweight, 6 Rounds
Hugo Micallef vs. Sergio Odabai 64.7 kg / 142.7 lbs vs. 64.3 kg / 141.7 lbs Junior Welterweight, 6 Rounds
Giovanni Sarchioto vs. Lucas de Abreu 75.7 kg / 167 lbs vs. 75.4 kg / 166.3 lbs Super Middleweight, 6 Rounds